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Whilst researching my Irish Family, more particularly in the Kilglass Parish, Co. Sligo,  I have collected lots of  names that were directly connected to them and also a lot that are not and I would like to share them with you.  Perhaps you will find your family on the list below or with any of the other links above.  Take your time and look carefully - there is a lot of information listed and you may miss someone vital.

I have also listed a lot of the residents living in Co. Sligo focusing my own research on the Culleens and surrounding areas.  This  is an on-going project of mine which I shall continue to add to - please enjoy!! 

I have records from Kilglass Parish, Castleconnor, Easky, Skreen & Dromard, Templeboy and Kilmeroy Moy Parishes  - follow the links above and see who you find!  GOOD LUCK!!

Please note:  There may be errors of spelling with regard to the townships etc.  the writing or the film was very faint and, at times extremely difficult to read - I would appreciate that if anyone finds errors to please e-mail me with the correction at the link at the bottom of the page.  Also the entries are spelt exactly as in the record - so please look for variations of your surnames.

To help you find your family - go to edit at the top of this browser & then go to "find" and enter the name you are seeking (remember there are different spellings to surnames).  Using the browser you will find your surname wherever mentioned on the list - or simply search alphabetically:   This first list is of the FARRIS family and their family connections in the Kilglass Parish of Co. Sligo and then of the HANDLY family and their connections - after those, the records are in the Parishes that they were copied.  If there are any duplicates, then they were found in more than one parish.

                                                                                      FARRIS FAMILY & THEIR CONNECTIONS

   Direct FARRIS Connections - click here

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BOLAND Bridget 12 Jan  1873        Carra Collar Patrick BOLAND & Bridget BEGLEY James DOHERTY & Maria FARRIS
BURKE Mary 28 Mar  1839    Culleens Toby BURKE & Nelly COLLERY Charles FARRIS & Mary GORDON
BURKE Sarah 3 June  1869 Raffin/Corbally John BURKE & Mary FARRIS William BURKE & Margaret COGGINS
CLEARY Biddy  30 Sept 1838     Culleens James CLEARY & Kathy McANDREWS Charles FARRIS & Biddy FARRIS
CLEARY Patrick 7 Dec   1870       Culleens John CLEARY & Maria FARRIS James DUFFY & Anna FARRIS
DEAGHAN Anne 31 May 1832   Meenashavan Daniel DEAGHAN & Mary FARRIS Tom FARRIS & Mary LOFTUS
DEAGHAN John 10 Sept 1833     Culleens Daniel DEAGHAN & Mary FARRIS Patt DEAGHAN & Mary CLEARY
DEAGHAN Mary 29 May 1835    Culleens Daniel DEAGHAN & Mary FARRIS James DEAGHAN & Barbara HANDLY
DEIGHAM Winny 11 April 1846        Culleens Daniel DEAGHAN & Mary FARRIS Patrick DEIGHAN & Mary DEIGHAN
DOWD Betty 20 July  1832   Glann Thomas DOWD & Ellis FARRIS Anthony HANDLY & Winny CAVANAGH
FARRIS John 22 Oct  1827  Ballyogan Joanis (John) FARRIS & Bridget EVERSAID Patrick FLANELLY & Margaret RYSCATH
FARRIS Charles 26 Dec 1830         Culleens Pat FARRIS & Margaret WALSH Charles FARRIS & Mary CLEARY
FARRIS William 23 July 1836        Culleens Patrick FARRIS & Margaret WALSH Patt CONMY & Bridget FARRIS
FARRIS Marguerita Abt.      1833 Unknown Charles FARRIS & Nancy KENEDY Unknown
FARRIS Mary 8 Mar   1836        Culleens Charles FARRIS & Nancy KENEDY Jobias BURKE & Bridget EAGAN
FARRIS John 28 Jul   1838       Culleens Charles FARRIS & Nancy KENEDY James HOWLEY & Mary KILGAMMON
FARRIS**Pat 28 Feb 1841      Culleens Charles FARRIS & Nancy (Anne) KENEDY*** Daniel SHERODAN & Peggy CAWLEY
FARRIS William 24 Dec 1843      Culleens Charles FARRIS & Anne KENEDY James CONMY & Mary EARLY
FARRIS Thomas 27 Aug 1846       Culleens Charles FARRIS & Anne KENEDY Michael CONMY & Mary HOBINEN
FARRIS James 2 Dec   1849      Culleens Charles FARRIS & Anne KENEDY James HALINAN & Mary KENEDY
FARRIS Charles 11 Sep  1855     Culleens Charles FARRIS & Anne KENEDY Charles FARRIS & Mary FARRIS
FARRIS Anne 21 Feb  1834     Culleens James PHARIS  (FARRIS) & Nelly FLANELLY Charles PHARIS(FARRIS) & Mary FLANELLY
FARRIS Winny 10 Jul   1836     Culleens James FARRIS & Nelly FLANELLY Michael DUNLAVY & Mary CAVIS
FARRIS Eleanora 29 Apr  1838    Culleens James FARRIS & Nelly FLANELLY Denis EAGIN & Mary EAGIN
FARRIS Patt 22 Jul   1840    Culleens James FARRIS & Nelly FLANELLY James CAVIS & Bridget FARRIS
FARIS Mary 18 Jan  1835 Dromore Parish John FARIS & Mary McEVVY not known
FARRIS John 8 May 1839    Thomas FARRIS & Bridget RAFTER unknown
FARRIS Anne 31 Mar 1840    Culleens Thomas FARRIS & Babby HANDLY Thomas DUNNE & Mary HANDLY
FARRIS Bridget 8 July 1843       Culleens Thomas FARRIS & Barbara HANDLY Hugh McDONAL & Bridget FARRIS
FARRIS Winifred 23 Aug 1846     Culleens Thomas FARRIS & Barbara HANDLY Mathew HANDLY & Mary HANDLY
FARRIS Ciciliani 21 Jan 1841       Skreen/Patrini ferise  Joanis (John) FARRIS & Maria MURPHY Catheriss (Catherine) MAY
FARRIS Bridget 17 Jul   1841   Culleens James PHARIS (FARRIS) & Mary EGAN James GORDEN & Mary CLEARY
FARRIS John 19 May 1844   Culleens James FARRIS & Mary EGAN James KAVISH & Mary RAFTER
FARRIS Catherine 22 Apr  1853     Culleens James FARRIS & Mary EGAN Cormack EGAN
FARRIS Anne 6 Nov   1862       Culleens Patrick FARRIS & Anne HANDLY * Charles FARRIS & Anne KENEDY
FARRIS John 16 Dec 1863      Culleens Patrick FARRIS & Anne HANDLY* Mathew HANDLY & Bridget HANDLY
FARRIS Anna 15 Oct  1865       Culleens Patrick FARRIS & Anne HANDLY* Charles FARRIS & Mary HANDLY
FARRIS Charles c. 8 Mar 1868    Culleens Patrick FARRIS & Anna HANLY* Daniel TIGHE & Maria FARRIS
FARRIS Thomas 25 Mar   1870      Culleens Patrick FARRIS & Anna HANLEY* Thomas FARRIS & Maria HANLY
FARRIS James 16 June 1872    Culleens Patrick FARRIS & Anna HANDLEY* Charles FARRIS & Anna HANDLEY
FARRIS** Patrick 25 Sept 1874    Culleens Patrick FARRIS & Anna HANLY* Thomas WRIGHT & Anna WRIGHT
FARRIS William 10 Nov  1876     Meenashavan Patrick FARRIS & Anna HANLY* Charles FARRIS & Celia DUNNE
FARRIS Maria 19 Feb  1879      Culleens Patrick FARRIS & Anna HANLY* Charles FARRIS & Celia CLARIE
FARRIS Bridget 15 Apr   1881    Culleens Patrick FARRIS & Anne HANDLY* Charles FARRIS & Maria HANDLY
FARRIS Anna 22 Jan   1875       Culleens Thomas FARRIS & Celia DUNNE Patrick FARRIS & Alicia DUNNE
FARRIS Maria approx.  1877    Thomas FARRIS & Celia DUNNE unknown
FARRIS Charles 17 Aug  1878    Culleens Thomas FARRIS & Celia DUNNE Charles FARRIS & Anne FARRIS
FARRIS Bridget (Bee) 6 Mar    1880   Culleens Thomas FARRIS & Celia DUNNE Patrick FARRIS & Anna HANLY
FARRIS Lizzie approx.  1882 Thomas FARRIS & Celia DUNNE unknown
FARRIS Patrick approx.  1884 Thomas FARRIS & Celia DUNNE unknown
FARRIS John approx.  1885 Thomas FARRIS & Celia DUNNE unknown
FARRIS Michael 14 Jun   1888 Culleens Thomas FARRIS & Celia DONOHOE Charles FARRIS & Marguerita FARRIS
FARRIS Thomas approx.  1889 Thomas FARRIS & Celia DUNNE unknown
FARRIS James approx.  1890 Thomas FARRIS & Celia DUNNE unknown
FARRIS William (Willie) approx.  1892 Thomas FARRIS & Celia DUNNE unknown
FARRIS James 6 Jan     1867     Car????tenan William FARRIS & Catherine CREAN Austin CREAN & Kitty FARRIS
FARRIS Honor 5 Jan     1870      Cloonenmore William FARRIS & Catherine CREAN James MURRAY & Honor McGOWAN
FARRIS Charles John 26 Apr    1873   Cooga William FARRIS & Catherine CREAN Hugh McGOWAN & Anne KENNY
FARRIS Michael 23 Jan    1875  Cloonenmore William FARRIS & Catherine CREAN Thomas BARRET & Anne BARRET
FARRIS Thomas approx.  1879                      Tawnalaughta William FARRIS & Catherine CREAN unknown
FARRIS Mary Anne 2 Mar      1881    Cooga William FARRIS & Catherine CREAN Charles FARRIS & Thomas CARDEN
FARRIS Margaret 25 Jun    1884   Cooga William FARRIS & Catherine CREAN Patrick McGOWAN & Catherine CRYAN
FLANILY Catherine 31 May   1829     Midhnan na Shaminia Andrew FLANILY & Biddy FARRIS Edmond GORDON & Mary HOWLEY
FLANILY Margaret 23 Aug   1832         Culleens Andrew FLANILY & Biddy FARRIS John CLEARY & Mary COGGINS
FOODY William 12 Feb   1836      Culleens Thomas FOODY & Else FARRIS (also see SWIFT) Pat HURMAN & Nancy EAGIN
FOODY James 27 Mar  1839 C/Connor/Carns Thomas FOODY & Alice FARRIS (also see SWIFT) Robert DEVITT & Sibby FARRIS (br. William b.1836 Kilglass par)
FOODY James 24 Jan   1841    C/Connor/Carns Thomas FOODY & Elias FARRIS  (also see SWIFT) Michael FOODY & Mary DUNIGAN
FOODY Patt 2 Mar    1843   C/Connor/Carns Thomas FOODY & Elias FARRIS  (also see SWIFT) James DAVITT & Mary DUCHAN
FOODY Mary 9 Aug   1849 Carns Thomas FOODY & Alice FARRIS (also see SWIFT) John FOODY & Mary CLEARY
GALLAGHER Mary 15 Jul   1865   Inveny Patt GALLAGHER & Mary FARRIS Michael DONEGAN
GALLAGHER Anne 7 Mar    1867     Inveny Patt GALLAGHER & Mary FARRIS Thomas HANDLY & Brigit FLYN
GAUGHAN Kitty 4 Sept   1842       Culleens Thomas GAUGHAN & Kitty GALLAGHER Charles FARRIS & Mary EARLY
GORDAN Kelly 17 Nov  1829      Midhnan ne Shion Edmond GORDAN & Batty BYRNES Charles FARRIS & Kathy CUNNINGHAM
GORDON Anthony 14 Aug  1829     Midhnan/Culleens James GORDON & Mary KEANE James FARRIS & Biddy BOTTLE
HANLY Mathias (Mathew) 12 Mar  1833     Culleens Mathew HANLY & Nelly McLACHLAND Charles FARRIS & Anne JORDAN
HANDLEY Anne 14 Jul    1839     Culleens Thomas HANDLEY & Anne HENIGAN Thomas FARRIS & Bridget McDERMOTT
HANDLY Honor 26 Feb  1835     Culleens Thomas HANDLY & Anne HENEGAN Charles FARRIS & Nelly McLAUGHLIN
KENEDY Thomas 2 May   1828       Tour a Tierriagh Martin KENEDY & Biddy FARRIS Anthony KENEDY & Kathy KENEDY
KENEDY Biddy 3 Apr   1833   Tournameeney Thomas KENEDY & Kathy FARRIS David BURKE & Mary BURKE
McDONAL John 11 Jun  1837    Gosting? Hugh McDONAL & Mary ATKINSON Thomas FARRIS & Bridget FARRIS
MURRAY Charles 2 Feb   1863       Culleens James MURRAY & Mary FARRIS William FARRIS & Ellen CARABINE
MURRAY John 6 May   1866     Culleens James MURRAY & Mary FARRIS Owen MURRAY & Sibby MURRAY
MURRY Thomas 14 Aug 1868      Culleens James MURRY & Maria FARRIS Charles FARRIS & Bridget CAVANAGH
SWIFT (FOODY) Thomas 21 Aug 1853   Culleens Thomas SWIFT (FOODY) & Ellis (Alice) FARRIS Patt O'HARA & Mary DEAGHAN
SWIFT (FOODY) Bartholomew 14 Oct  1855 Culleens Thomas SWIFT (FOODY) & Ellis (Alice) FARRIS Charles FARRIS & Mary FARRIS

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