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To help you find your family - go to edit at the top of this browser & then go to "find" and enter the name you are seeking (remember there are different spellings to surnames).  The Alphabetical Kilglass Birth links are to the given family name only - using the browser you will find your surname wherever mentioned on the list.

I have listed a lot of the residents living in Culleens & surrounding areas as Culleens is the main focus of my interests.  As I continue to research my own family, I shall continue to add to this list.  I hope you find the list helpful to you......

There are one or two gaps and this is where it was too faded or difficult to read - if anyone can definitely fill in those gaps, I would appreciate you contacting me at my e-mail address below.

If anyone has any information that they would like me to add to this site to help others research their families, please feel free to forward it to me at my e-mail address  

Surnames H - L

HALE James 11-Mar 1830 Thomas HALE & Mary McDONALD William BURKE & Mary WEIR Balliogan
HALE Winifred 18-Nov 1830 John HALE & Mary BOLAND Dominic BOLAND & Anne BOLAND Balliogan
HALE Peter 27-Jul 1862 Patrick HALE & Sarah CARTY Owen MURRAY & Anne GALLAGHER Culleens
HALE Mary w.e.b. 5.6.1926 19-Jul 1856 John HALE & Honoria GAUGHAN John GAUGHAN & Mary McLAGHLIN Ballyogen
HALE David 28-Jul 1862 John HALE & Ellen CONMY Robert RUTLEDGE & Margaret HALE I-Lactite
HALE Nelly 03-Aug 1862 Michael HALE & Anne JORDAN Richard HALE & Honora JORDAN Balliogan
HALE Anna 11-Apr 1873 Michael HALE & Anna JORDAN Hubert KILCAWLEY & Eleanora CONMY Balliogan
HALE Mary 23-Dec 1865 Patt HALE & Hannah CARTY James HALE & Brigit CARTY Culleens
HALE Maria 13-Aug 1871 Anthony HALE & Helen JORDAN Patrick RUDOG & Helen MURPHY Balliogan
HALLINANE Mary 27-Feb 1828 Martin HALLINANE & Eleanor NEEDOM John GALLAGHER & Biddy COLMAN Culleens
HALLINANE Anne 05-Jan 1839 Thomas HALLINANE & Sibby COLLERY Pat COLLERY & Biddy McGOWAN I-Noneen
HALINAN Michael 15-Apr 1832 Anthony HALINAN & Bridget WALSH Martin HALINAN & Bridget WALSH Culleens
HALLINAN James 26-Jul 1840 Anthony HALLINAN & Biddy HALLINAN Martin HALLINAN & Barbara HALLINAN Culleens
HALINANE Bridget 04-Mar 1844 Anthony HALINANE & Bridget HALINANE Thomas HALINAN & Barbara HALINAN Culleens
HALINAN Mary Julia 16-May 1841 Peter HALINAN & Biddy McDONELL William Pat LAMB - unclear) & Mary GALLAGHER & Biddy poss. (LAMB) C-Hobue
HALINAN Thomas 29-Dec 1841 Martin HALINAN & Margaret COALMAN Martin DOUD & Bridget CARROLL ????nger
HALINAN Patrick 16-Mar 1844 Martin HALINAN & Margaret COALMAN James HALINAN & Bridget CARROLL ?
HALINAN Charles 08-Feb 1852 James HALINAN & Mary FLIN Peter CLEARY & Bridget FLIN Culleens
HALINAN Mary 08-Oct 1854 James HALINAN & Mary FLIN Charles FARRIS & Mary HALINAN Culleens
HALINAN John 16-Sep 1866 Richard HALINAN & Mary DEMPSEY Anthony DEMPSEY & Margaret KILDUFF Culleens
HAMIL Eleanor 05-Oct 1844 Bryan HAMIL & Fanny CREAN Patt KENNEDY & Hanna FOX Lacka Shave
HANDLY Thomas 20-Oct 1825 Pat HANDLY & Mary COLMAN Thomas GALLAGHER & Catherine SWEENY Baille ur
HANDLY Richard 06-Jul 1826 Patrick HANDLY & Margrit CUNNANE James DONNEEN & Nelly FIAGHNEY Tour ie Mhavinigh
HANDLY Mary 06-Oct 1826 James HANDLY & Biddy O'DOUD Patrick KENEDY & Nelly MULARKY Leachan Shion
HANDLY Anne 07-Feb 1828 James HANDLY & Kathy HANDLY Owen KILCULLEN & Sally BOURKE Ceathramh Hobue
HANDLY Margret 10-Aug 1829 James HANDLY & Kitty HANDY Pat BOLAN & Kitty KELLY Cloon-ie-Charney
HANLY Biddy 02-May 1830 James HANLY & Kitty HANLY Pat HANDLY & Sally HANDLY C-Hobue Armstrong
HANDLY Anne 14-Dec 1826 Mathew HANDLY & Mary SCOTT Robert MOFATT & Margaret JUDGE Cingugh Buidhe
HANDLY Pat 25-Dec 1827 *Mathew HANDLY & Nelly McLAUGHLIN Michael MAHON & Molly HANDLY Mighan na Shammur
HANLY Mathew 12-Mar 1833 *Mathew HANLY & Nelly McLAGHLIN Charles FARRIS & Anne FENEGAN Culleens
HANDLY Anne 06-Oct 1834 Mathew HANDLY & Nelly McLAGHLIN Tom HANDLY & Brigit McLAGHLIN Culleens
HANDLY John 21-May 1837 *Mathew HANDLY & Nelly McLAUGHLIN Charles CAVANAGH & Mary HANDLY Cabra
HANDLY Bridget 05-Jan 1840 *Mathew HANDLY & Nelly McLAUGHLIN Ned GORDON & Betty BURNS Culleens
HANDLY Eleanora Abt. 1838 1838 Mathew HANDLY & Nelly McLAUGHLIN NOT KNOWN Culleens
HANDLY Anthony 19-Jun 1828 Dudley HANDLY & Honor HANDLY Thomas HEVERAN & Nancy MULLANY Ballymeeny Armstrong
HANLY Biddy 23-Oct 1828 Thomas HANLY & Barbara BRANON James GALLAGHER & Nancy DOOSY Culleens
HANLY Michael 02-Nov 1828 Ned HANLY & Ellis CARTY Pat DOYLE & Biddy HANLY C-Hobue Armstrong
HANLY Margret 30-Mar 1830 Ned HANLY & Ellis CARTY Owen KILCULLEN & Mary HANLY C-Hobue Armstrong
HANLY Patt 09-Oct 1833 Ned HANLY & Ellis CARTY Patt HANDLY & Nelly HARTE Carhuhabach
HANDLY John 24-May 1836 Edmond HANDLY & Ellis CARTY Patt HANDLY & Bridget HANDLY Carhuhabach
HANDLEY Dudly 21-Aug 1838 Ned HANDLEY & Ellis CARTY Patt HANDLY & Mary HANDLY C-Hobue Anderson
HANDLEY Ned 07-Apr 1841 Ned HANDLEY & Ellis CARTY Patrick HANDLEY & Bridget HANDLEY Carhuhabach
HANDLY Michael 06-Jan 1829 Patt HANDLY & Sally HARTE Thomas WEIR & Rose HANNON Balliogan
HANDLY Sibby 08-Feb 1829 Patt HANDLY & Winny GILLIGAN Mathew GILLIGAN & Mary GILLIGAN Couthrambhan Purd
HANDLY Edmond 12-Oct 1833 Patt HANDLY & Winny GILGAN John MULLANY & Mary McGOWAN Corhu
HANDLY James 19-Feb 1836 Patt HANDLY & Winny GILGIN Patt HANDLY & Sally ATKINSON Cartrianch
HANDLY Mathew 29-Jan 1837 Patt HANDLY & Winny GILGAN Mathew GILGAN & Nancy KENEDY Caranduff
HANDLY Anna 18-Jul 1841 Patrick HANDLY & Winifred GILGAN Pat TUFFY & Mary CARROLL poss. Corhu
HANDLY Patrick 21-Jun 1846 Patrick HANDLY & Winifred HANDLY(Gilgan) Mary HANDLY (illegitimate) Carrancollar
HANDLY Sarah 14-Jul 1829 Patrick HANDLY & Rose GORDAN Pat GORDAN & Sally BURKE Baille Dearig
HANDLY Michael 20-Jan 1833 Patrick HANDLY & Rose GORDON Patt DOUGHERTY & Anne McDONAGH Minan
HANDLY Brigit 22-Jan 1832 *Tom HANDLY & Anne HENIGAN Michael MAHON & Barbara HANDLY Culleens
HANLY Patt 09-Dec 1833 *Tom HANLY & Anne HENIGAN Patt HENIGHAN & Barbara HANLY Culleens
HANDLY Honor 26-Feb 1835 *Thomas HANDLY & Anne HENIGAN Charles FARRIS & Nelly McLAUGHLIN Culleens
HANDLY Anne 14-Jul 1839 *Thomas HANDLY & Anne HENIGAN Thomas FARRIS & Bridget McDERMOTT Culleens
HANDLY Michael 22-Jun 1832 Patt HANDLY & Kitty HANDLY John HART & Nelly HANDLY from Parish Easky C-Hobue-Armstrong
HANDLY Anne 06-Jun 1833 Thomas HANDLY & Rose HEALLY Anthony DOUD & Ann HART Cloon-ie-Carney
HANDLY Patrick     ** 11-Aug 1832 Ned HANDLY & Mary DOUD Tom HANDLY & Sibby DOUD Balliogan
HANLY Brigit           ** 24-Feb 1835 Edmond HANLY & Mary DOUD John LYNOTT & Honor HEAVY Balliogan
HANDLY Edmond   ** 29-Apr 1836 Edmond HANDLY & Mary DOUD Thomas HANDLY & Anne HANDLY Glann
HANDLY John         ** 24-Mar 1840 Edmond HANDLY & Mary DOUD Mathew COLMAN & Anne DOUD Tawny ai Leedha
HANDLY Thomas    ** 02-Sep 1845 Ned HANDLY & Mary DOUD Thomas COALMAN & Bridget DONIGAN T-Lachta
HANDLY Anne 17-Sep 1837 Patt HANDLY & Nelly MOFFATT Thomas HANDLY & Anne HENIGAN * Culleens
HANDLEY Edmond 16-Aug 1840 Patt HANDLEY & Kitty BATTLE Martin BOTTLE & Bridget MULLANY Carhuhabach
HANDLY Mary 21-May 1842 Patt HANDLY & Kathy BATTLE John BATTLE & Kathy HANDLY C-Hobue
HANDLY Nelly 16-Feb 1845 Patt HANDLY & Kitty BATTLE James JUDGE & Winifred GILGIN C-Hobue
HANDLY Mary 07-Nov 1841 Patt HANDLY & Anne HANNON James HANNON & Mary HANDLY Balintaine
HANDLY Bridget 29-Oct 1844 Patt HANDLY & Anne HANNAN Michael HANNAN & Mary McG?????(think McGOWAN) Ballintane
HANDLY John 12-Mar 1842 Thomas HANDLY & Anne BIRD Martin BIRD & Honor BIRD Culleens
HANDLY Mary 07-Feb 1837 Thomas HANDLY & Mary CARRICK Frank CARRICK & Mary HANDLY Bailledeery
HANDLY Mathew 28-Mar 1845 Thomas HANDLY & Mary CARRICK James CAROBINE & Honor HAVEY Glann
HANDLY Anne 11-Feb 1849 Thomas HANDLY & Mary McCARRICK (Honor) HANDLY Glann
HANDLY John 17-May 1853 Martin HANDLY & Catherine DIVANNY Thomas GORDON & Honor DOUDE Culleens
HANDLY Patt 26-Aug 1854 Martin HANDLY & Catherine DIVANNY John DIVANNY & Mary DIVANNY Culleens
HANDLY Anne *w.e.d.15.1.23 16-Apr 1856 Martin HANDLY & Catherine DEVANNY Patt DOWD & Ellen DEVANNY Culleens
HANDLY Mary - 8.1.23 - 21.10.27 18-Oct 1857 Martin HANDLY & Catherine DEVANNY Daniel DEVANNY & Anne GORDAN Culleens
HANDLEY Brigit - 15.1.35 - 9.3.20 08-Sep 1859 Martin HANDLEY & Catherine DEVANNY John KELLY & Brigit HANDLEY Culleens
HANDLY Martin 14-Aug 1861 Martin HANDLY & Catherine DEVANNY James DEAGHAN & Celia DEVANNY Culleens
HANDLY Ellen 15-Jun 1863 Martin HANDLY & Catherine DIVANNY Bryan DOWD & Mary DEAGHAN Culleens
HANDLY Margaret 18-Apr 1865 Martin HANDLY & Catherine DIVANNY John HANDLY & Brigit DUFFY Balur
HANDLY John 26-Nov 1853 Thomas HANDLY & Margaret GAUGHAN James Macken & Honora GAUGHAN Balliogan
HANDLY Brigit 25-Nov 1855 Thomas HANDLY & Margaret GAUGHAN Thomas GAUGHAN & Anne GAUGHAN ?
HANDLY Mathew 25-Jul 1858 Thomas HANDLY & Margaret GAUGHAN Mathew HANDLY & Nelly McLAUGHLIN Culleens
HANDLEY Thomas 09-Dec 1860 Thomas HANDLY & Margaret GAUGHAN Thomas GAUGHAN & Barbara GAUGHAN Culleens
HANDLY Owen 26-Dec 1865 Mathew HANDLY & Mary O'HARA Michael O'HARA & Catherine O'HARA Balliogan
HANDLY Margaret 28-Apr 1867 Mathew HANDLY  & Mary O'HARA Mathew HANDLY & Catherine O'HARA ?
HANDLY Mathew 05-Feb 1869 Mathew HANDLY & Maria O'HARA Charles O'HARA & Eleanora McLAUGHLIN Oghill
HANDLY Catherine 08-Jun 1871 Mathew HANDLY & Maria O'HARA Michael O'HARA & Elizabeth HANDLY Oghill
HANLY Michael 15-Apr 1873 Mathew HANLY & Maria O'HARA Michael O'HARA & Catherine O'HARA Oghill
HANLY Patrick 17-Feb 1876 Mathew HANLY & Maria O'HARA Michael O'HARA & Catherine O'HARA Oghill
HANLY James 19-Nov 1878 Mathew HANLY & Maria O'HARA Michael O'HARA & Catherine O'HARA Oghill
HANLEY Honoria - bap 28 Nov brn 26 Nov 1869 Martin HANLEY & Catherine LANGAN Michael HANLEY & Elleanora HANLEY Culleens
HANLY Bernard Abt 1871 1871 Martin HANLY & Cath KILCULLEN not known
HANLEY Patrick 11-Jun 1873 Michael HANLEY & Winifred O'BRIAN Eugene GALLAHAN & Eleanora HANLEY Culleens
HANLEY Martin 26-Mar 1877 Michael HANLEY & Winifred O'BRIAN Niefe HANLEY & Eleanora O'BRIAN Culleens
HANLY Martin Abt 1899 1899 John HANLY & Catherine CAFFRY not known
HANLEY Paddy Joe Abt 1917 1917 John HANLY & Catherine CAFFRY not known Ballure
HANNON John 30-Dec 1839 Thomas HANNON & Sally CARTY Thomas WARD & Kitty McGUIRE Carrowcollar
HANNON Anne 19-Feb 1841 James HANNON & Mary KEREGAN Anthony TUFFY & Kitty CARTY Maughanbrack
HANNAN Martin 11-Dec 1842 James HANNAN & Mary KEREGAN Thomas MULLROONY & Mary CONNAUGHTON Maughanbrack
HANNEN Patrick 07-Mar 1828 John HANNEN & Peggy HANDLY Thomas WEIR & Rose CARTY Balliogan
HANNAN Michael 11-Aug 1832 John HANNAN & Margaret HANDLY Tom HANNAN & Bill HANNAN Balliogan
HANNAN Sara Abt. 1836 1836 John HANNAN & Marguerita HANLY not known ?
HANNON Peggy 12-Oct 1838 John HANNON & Peggy HANDLY Michael WEIR & Mary WEIR Balliogan
HANNON Michael 04-Jun 1841 John HANNON & Peggy HANDLY Michael WEIR & Mary HANDLY Balliogan
HANNAN John 13 or 15 Aug 1843 John HANNAN & Margaret (Peggy) HANDLY Peter CARTY & Catherine WEIR Balliogan
HANNEN James 13-Feb 1846 John HANNEN & Margaret HANDLEY James HANNEN & Babby CARTY Balliogan
HANNON Mary 02-Apr 1841 Thomas HANNON & Mary TUFFY Pat TUFFY & Anne HANNON Gorteens
HANNEN James 24-Feb 1842 John HANNEN & Mary McDONEL James McDOUD & Sibby FEENY New Church
HANNEN John 12-Nov 1843 John HANNEN & Mary McDONEL Thomas HANNEN & Bridget McDERMOTT Parke
HANNEN Patt 22-Mar 1846 John HANNEN & Mary McDONEL John BATTLE & Bridget McDONEL Parke
HANNEN John 11-Jul 1844 John HANNEN & Mary KILCAWLEY Mark KILCAWLEY & Anne HANDLY Gorteens
HANNAN (Thomas) 04-Jan 1846 John HANNAN & Nelly DUFFY Patt CARROLL & Bridget C????? Maughanbrack
HANNON Patt 26-Feb 1846 Patt HANNON & Anne CARTY John HANNEN & Bridget CARTY Gorteens
HANTON(unclear) James 15-Jun 1841 Alexander HANTON(unclear) & Biddy KELLY Hugh CONNOR & Kathy KILANNAGH says (stranger)
HARMIN Anthony 20-Dec 1841 James HARMIN & Catherine CULKIN Thomas CULKIN & Barbara CONWAY Balinlas
HARRAUGHTON Barbara 20-Apr 1826 Patrick HARRAUGHTON & Mary IRWIN Martin ROUSE & Judy CARTY Park na bpracean
HARRAUGHTON Bridget 31 Apr 1826 Patrick HARRAUGHTON & Mary MAUGHAN Laccy KEELY & Allice CONMY Cuigughbar
HARAUGHTON John 07-Jun 1827 James HARAUGHTON & Peggy CARTY Martin ROUSE & Anne COLLERY Park ra Bfreachan
HARRISON Patrick 16-May 1828 Patrick HARRISON & Peggy CARTY Anthony HARRISON & Judy KELLY Parke-re bprenchan
HARRISON Mary 24-Jun 1866 William HARRISON & Catherine CLEARY Patrick MURRAY & Mary CLEARY Rockfield
HART Bryan 03-May 1840 Anthony HART & Mary O'BRYAN Charles McDONELL & Jenny O'BRYAN Oghill
HEAL Patt 08-Aug 1840 Davy HEAL & Libby BOURKE Edmond DOLPHIN & Margaret COGGINS Bridleford
HEAL ??? 09-Jun 1850 Patrick HEAL & Sarah CARTY Martin HANDLY & Mary CARTY Culleens
HELLY Bridget 18-Nov 1825 John HELLY & Mary DOUGHERTY Owen HELLY & Mary HUGHES Cabragh
HELLY John 21-Jun 1840 John HELLY & Biddy ROGAN Owen ROGAN & Anne ROGAN Cabra-Orne
HELLY Barbara 02-Mar 1861 Patt HELLY & Sarah McDONEL Mathew HANDLEY & Mary McDONEL Cabra
HA(E)NIGAN  Michael 02-Oct 1832 Patt HA(E)NIGAN & Catherine O'BOYLE William GORDAN & Brigit GORDAN from Ballina ?
HENIGAN Bridget 07-Sep 1855 Thomas HENIGAN & Mary STEPHENS John STEPHENS & Mary Cabra b
HENRY Mary 02-Jul 1833 Patt HENRY & Margaret BARRETT Dominick CONNOR & Nancy RUDDY Greggstown
HOCH John 20-Dec 1840 Michael HOCH & Mary JOICE Mary STANTON (a stranger)
HOLE Mary 01-Jun 1837 James HOLE & Anne GALLAGHER Patrick McGINIS & Honor KELLY Culleens
HOPE Mathew 10-Oct 1839 John HOPE & Bridget ROGAN Michael BATTLE & Anne (think MALARKY) Culleens
HOPKINS ??? 18-Nov 1830 Peter HOPKINS & Biddy McDONELL John HOPKINS & Biddy COHAY C-Hobue Orme
HOPKINS Scisly (21) Feb 1839 Peter HOPKINS & Biddy McDONELL Pat LAVEENY & Mary McHALE C-Hobue
HOPKINS Mary Julia 16-May 1841 Peter HOPKINS & Biddy McDONELL William Pat LAMB & Mary GALLAGHER & Biddy HOPKINS C-Hobue
HOPKINS Michael 28-Sep 1834 Peter HOPKINS & Peggy TUNNY Thomas O'HARA & Mary McGOWAN Ceathramh Hobue
HOPKINS John 17-Apr 1839 Peter HOPKINS & Peggy TUNNEY Thady TUNNY & Letty TUNNY C-Hobue
HOPKINS James 16-Dec 1832 Peter HOPKINS & Margaret FOX Michael McNOLTY & Hanna FOX C-Hoback
HOPKINS Peter 07-Nov 1841 Peter HOPKINS & Margaret FOX Miles FOX & Margaret HOPKINS C-Hoback
HOPKINS Mary 23-Feb 1844 Peter HOPKINS & Margaret FOX James FOX & Anne FOX C-Hoback
HOPKINS Thady 20-May 1846 Peter HOPKINS & Margaret FOX Thady FOX & Bridget FOX Enniscrone
HOPKINS Peter 14-Nov 1841 Patt HOPKINS & Ellen McDONALD Alexander McDONALD & Biddy McDONALD C-Hobue
HOPKINS Mary 24-May 1844 Peter HOPKINS & Mary McDONEL John LEONARD & Mary HOPKINS C-Hoback
HOSEY Ellon 26-Sep 1841 Patt HOSEY & Bridget BRANNON James HOSEY & Mary HOSEY Enniscrone
HOSEY Catharine 04-Jun 1843 Patt HOSEY & Bridget BRANON Michael HOSEY & Catharine KEANE Enniscrone
HOSEY Margaret 08-Jun 1845 Patt HOSEY & Bridget BRANNON Thomas McNILIE & Bridget RAFTER Enniscrone
HOSEY Michael 16-Oct 1853 Patrick HOSEY & Bridget BRANNON Thomas MYLES & Anne LYNCH Enniscrone
HOSEY Josifeh (looks like) 15-Jun 1856 Patt HOSEY & Bridget BRANNON Edmond MYLES & Anne MYLES Enniscrone
HOWLY Martin 07-Apr 1830 Michael HOWLY & Mary MAUGHAN Martin MORRIS & Biddy HOWLY Baille ur
HOWLEY John 22-May 1832 Michael HOWLEY & Mary MAUGHAN Patt CARTY & Mary GALLAGHER Baille ur
HOWLY Mary 22-Nov 1841 Michael HOWLY & Mary MAUGHAN Mathew MAUGHAN & Mary MAUGHAN Culleens
HOWLEY John 24-Jun 1832 John HOWLEY & Biddy LYNCH Ross MAHON & Honor LYNCH Culleens
HOWLEY Thomas 14-May 1840 John HOWLEY & Kitty O'NEIL Patrick HANDLEY & Bridget O'NEIL Carrancollar
HOWLEY Kitty 02-Nov 1845 John HOWLEY & Kitty O'NEIL John BEST & Margaret BOURKE Balamonee
HOWLEY Anne 17-Sep 1839 James HOWLEY & Bridget MURPHY Patrick GORDON & Honor HOWLEY Culleens
HOWLEY  Mary 20-May 1841 James HOWLEY & Biddy MURPHY William MURPHY & Elliza GALLAGHER Culleens
HOWLY John 02-Jul 1845 James HOWLY & Bridget MURPHY Anthony DEMPSY & Catherine WALSH Culleens
HOWLY Honor 09-Oct 1849 James HOWLY & Bridget MURPHY James GORDAN & Bridget ROUSE ?
HOWLEY Anna 25-Jan 1871 Martin HOWLEY & Catherine LANGAN Michael LANGAN & Anna CONWAY Townalachta
HOWLEY Bryan 21-Mar 1871 Michael HOWLEY & Winifred O'BRIEN Peter O'BRIEN & Helena O'BRIEN ?
HOWLEY Peter 11-Jun 1873 Michael HOWLEY & Winifred O'BRIEN Eugene GALLAGHER & Eleanora HANLY Culleens
HUGHES John 13-Jul 1841 Michael HUGHES & Anne EGAN Patrick EGAN & Mary LYNAGH Culleens
KAVENEY Anne chr 21 May 19-May 1871 Mathew KAVENY & Marguerita DEEHAN John CONLAN & Maria CONLAN Culleens
KEANE William 23-Apr 1864 Michael KEANE & Anne ROGERS John GALLAGHER & Judy FARRIS Enniscrone
KELLY Ellan 06-Jul 1841 Patrick KELLY & Sibby GILPATRICK John O'BOYLE & Jenny LANGAN Old????
KELLY Bridget 16-Jan 1846 Martin KELLY & Kitty DOLPHIN Dick GIBBS & Mary GOURAN Carinidin
KENEDY Toby 05-Jan 1826 John KENEDY & Nelly SMITH Thomas HOWLY & Rose HART Cuigugh na Lahi
KENEDY Thomas 07-Apr 1827 John KENEDY & Margret MULROONY John CUFF (senr.) & Nelly FAEHNEY Cloon-ie-Charney
KENEDY Eleanora 24-Apr 1827 Andrew KENEDY & Eleanora TULLY Dominick COGGINS & Biddy COGGINS Cinn Ard
KENEDY Anne 30-Jun 1833 Andrew KENEDY & Nelly FAHILY Martin JUDGE & Biddy CUNNANE Kilglass
KENEDY Bryan 08-Jun 1827 Bryan KENEDY & Kitty KEANE Thomas KENEDY & Biddy GORDAN Glann/Culleens
KENEDY Brigit 23-Jul 1832 Bryan KENEDY & Kitty KEANE James GORDAN & Brigit GORDAN Glan
KENEDY Brigit 21-Aug 1834 Bryan KENEDY & Kitty KEANE Patt KENEDY & Mary COALMAN Glan
KENEDY Patrick 26-Feb 1839 Bryan KENEDY & Kitty KEANE James GORDAN & Peggy GORDAN Glan
KENEDY Patrick 29-Jan 1828 Martin KENEDY & Mary BOURKE Bryan BOURKE & Mary BOURKE Tamhony au Leachta
KENEDY Brigit 12-Jan 1834 Martin KENEDY & Mary BOURKE Patt BOURKE & Nelly KENEDY or (KINSY) Tavonian Lachte
KENEDY Mary 04-Sep 1838 Martin KENEDY & Mary BOURKE John BOURKE & Honor BOURKE Tavinian C
KENEDY John 17-Jun 1841 Martin KENEDY & Mary BOURKE Edward BOURKE & Bridget BOURKE Innviono-itant
KENEDY James 03-Feb 1844 Martin KENEDY & Mary BOURKE Patrick BOURKE & Winny BOURKE I-Lactite
KENEDY Thomas 02-May 1828 Martin KENEDY & Biddy FARRIS Anthony KENEDY & Kitty KENEDY Tour a Tierriagh
KENEDY Hugh 21-Jan 1829 Pat KENEDY & Winny McDONEL Anthony BURKE & Anne RAFTER Tamhney Noonan
KENEDY Barny 21-Jun 1832 Pat KENEDY & Winny McDONELL Darby KEVLICAN & Mary BIGLANE Tamney Noneen
KENEDY Anne 22-Sep 1838 Patrick KENEDY & Winifred McDONEL Michael WALSH & Anne DUFFY Glan
KENEDY Michael 03-Oct 1843 Patrick KENEDY & Winifred McDONAL Martin HALINAN & Catherine WALSH Culleens
KENEDY Margaret 03-May 1829 Pat KENEDY & Mary McGOWAN Patt McGOWAN & Biddy McGOWAN Lacken
KENEDY Patt 17-Feb 1833 Patt KENEDY & Mary McGOWAN Patt COOLMAN & Brigit McGOWAN Lacken
KENEDY Thomas Abt.     1829 John KENEDY & Julia JORDAN NOT KNOWN       (from Death record) ?
KENEDY Honor 09-Mar 1841 John KENEDY & Judy J0RDAN Thomas CARRICK & Mary HALINAN Lacken
KENEDY Judy 23-Apr 1843 John KENEDY & Judy J0RDAN Con GRIMES & Nelly or Kitty LEONARD Kinard
KENEDY Eleanor 20-May 1829 James KENEDY & Honor BOLAND Thomas BOLAN fm Easky & Mary KENEDY fm Lakan a Talebha Lakan
KENEDY Michael 02-Sep 1832 James KENEDY & Honor BOLAND Bryan KENEDY & Barbara McNILE Lackensheve
KENEDY Thomas 31-May 1839 James KENEDY & Honor BOLAND John RATTON & Mary COLEMAN of Cabratain Lackensleva
KENEDY James 07-Sep 1842 James KENEDY & Honor BOLAND Tom KENEDY & Margaret KENEDY Lackensheve
KENEDY Mary 13-Feb 1830 Thomas KENEDY & Mary KILCULLEN James HEALLY & Babby KILCULLEN Lacken aTalebha
KENEDY Tom 12-Dec 1832 Thomas KENEDY & Mary KILCULLEN John KILCULLEN & Kitty JUDGE Lackensl???
KENEDY Martin 08-Nov 1830 Pat KENEDY & Mary CAWLY John HOWLY & Mary KILCULLEN  (John Howly is from Cem????) Lacken a Toleby
KENEDY Mary 15-May 1831 James KENEDY & Mary SHEVLAN James WILSON & Margaret KENEDY Lacken
KENEDY Margaret 21-Apr 1832 James KENEDY & Mary SHIVANAN Patrick DURKIN & Mary COGGINS Lacken
KENEDY Mary 26-Feb 1846 James KENEDY & Mary SHEVELIN James KENEDY & Mary LOFTUS Lacken
KENEDY Mathew 20-Nov 1831 Patt KENEDY & Anne HEARTE Dominick HELLY & Mary HEARTE Cloonie Carny
KENEDY Bartholomew 04-Sep 1832 Bartholomew KENEDY & Anne KENEDY Anne KENEDY'S BROTHERS AND SISTERS Lacken
KENEDY Margaret 06-Aug 1837 Bartly KENEDY & Anne KENEDY William KENEDY & Mary DUNLEVY & Margaret KENEDY Lacken
KENEDY Ellis 18-Mar 1843 Bartholomew KENEDY & Anne KENEDY Thomas KENEDY & Honor FEENY Lacken
KENEDY William 06-Feb 1832 Michael KENEDY & Bridget ATKINSON Martin GOLDEN & Bess CARTER Lacken
KENEDY Patt 16-Mar 1834 Michael KENEDY & Bridget ATKINSON Owen KENNEDY & Kitty HANLY Lacken
KENEDY Patt 17-Feb 1833 Patt KENEDY & Mary McGOWAN Patt COOLMAN & Brigit McGOWAN Lacken
KENEDY Patt 04-Mar 1833 Owen KENEDY & Kitty O'HARA Michael CUNNANE & Nancy O'HARA Greggstown
KENEDY Mary 16-Feb 1840 Owen KENEDY & Kitty O'HARA Farrel CALPEN & Mary O'HARA Cabragh
KENEDY Owen 24-Apr 1842 Owen KENEDY & Kitty O'HARA Patt DURKAN & Mary McGOWAN Cabragh/Morton
KENEDY Stephen 10-Jan 1847 Owen KENEDY & Catherine O'HARA Martin KENEDY & Honor McGOWAN Cabra orne
KENEDY Biddy    (twin to Kathy) 03-Apr 1833 Thomas KENEDY & Kitty FARRIS David BURKE & Mary BURKE Taurameeny
KENEDY Kathy   (twin to Biddy) 03-Apr 1833 Thomas KENEDY & Kitty FARRIS Anthony KENEDY & Biddy BURKE Taurameeny
KENEDY Mary 19-Oct 1833 Michael KENEDY & Barbara McNEILE Bryan KENEDY & Hana FOX Lackslave
KENEDY Nelly 13-Mar 1839 Michael KENEDY & Barbara McNILE Martin KENEDY & Bridget HEALY Lackslave
KENEDY Barbara 16-Aug 1841 Michael KENEDY & Barbara McNILE Michael McNILE & Eleanora DAVITT Lackslave
KENEDY John 23-Apr 1843 Michael KENEDY & Babby McNILE John LAVELLE & Bridget CARRICK Lackslave
KENEDY Thomas 25-Mar 1845 Michael KENEDY & Babby (GINNELY) Thomas KENEDY & Biddy KENEDY Lackslave
KENEDY Hugh Abt. 1840 1840 Thomas KENNEDY & Maria KENNEDY NOT KNOWN ?
KENEDY Catherine 04-Apr 1841 Patt KENEDY & Mary McDONEL John DOUD & Catherine DOUD Glann
KENEDY Mary 06-Mar 1842 Thomas KENEDY & Honor FEENY Patrick MUNNALLY & Sibby KENEDY Carhuhaback
KENEDY Catherine 18-Feb 1845 Thomas KENEDY & Honor FEENY James FEENY & Kitty KENEDY Carhuhaback
KENEDY Thomas 15-Sep 1848 Patt KENEDY & Winifred BOURKE Michael KENEDY & Margaret BOURKE Lackenslave
KENNEDY Sibby 10-Oct 1850 Owen KENNEDY & Nancy MULLANY Thomas KENNEDY & Nelly MULLANY Carhuhabach
KENNEDY Margaret 26-May 1853 Owen KENNEDY & Anne MULLANY Edward DOUDE & Margaret JUDGE Carhuhaback
KENNEDY Patt 12-Jan 1856 Owen KENNEDY & Nancy MULLANY James JUDGE & Mary CARDIN B??gh???
KENEDY James 08-Jun 1855 Martin KENNEDY & Nelly HARTE Thomas KENNEDY & Mary KENNEDY Kilglass
KENEDY John 25-Nov 1860 Thomas KENEDY & Mary KILCAWLEY Thomas LAVILLE & Brigit WADE Glam
KENEDY Patt 07-Feb 1863 Thomas KENEDY & Mary CAWLEY John KENEDY & Mary WADE Glan
KENEDY Thomas 09-Apr 1865 Thomas KENEDY & Mary KILCAWLEY Martin KENEDY & Anne KILCAWLEY Glann
KENNEDY Brigida (Brigit)c. 6 Oct 1867 Sep 1867 Thomas KENNEDY & Maria KILCAWLEY James CAVANAGH & Brigida KENNEDY Culleens
KENEDY Margarita  bap: 21 Nov b.17 Nov 1869 Thomas KENEDY & Maria KILCAWLEY James KENEDY & Sibina GORDAN Glan
KENEDY Mary 22-Nov 1860 John KENEDY & Bridget DAUGHERTY Patt KENEDY & Mary DAUGHERTY Glan
KENEDY Brigit 07-Apr 1863 John KENEDY & Brigit DAUGHERTY Patt DAUGHERTY & Brigit BOLAND Glan
KENEDY Bernard 09-Aug 1865 John KENEDY & Brigit DOUGHERTY James DOUGHERTY & Mary DOUGHERTY Culleens
KENNEDY John 05-Jul 1870 John KENNEDY & Bridget DOHERTY Not known - John - labourer. Bryan Kennedy, occupier, Culleens informant Culleens
KENEDY Catherine bap 18 Apr b.13 Apr 1869 John KENNEDY & Elizabeth DOHERTY Bernard KENNEDY & Anna DOHERTY Culleens
KENNEDY John bap 5 Jun b.31 May 1870 John KENNEDY & Elizabeth DOHERTY Patrick DOHERTY & Catherine BOLAND Glan
KENEDY Barty 15-Oct 1863 Bryan KENEDY & Honora McCAN Michael McCAN & Ellis KENEDY Lacken
KENEDY Brigida - bap 10 Feb b. Feb 1868 Bernard KENNEDY & Honoria McCANN Patrick TUFFY & Honoria TUFFY Lacken
KENNEDY William bap 9 Jun b. 5 Jun 1870 Bernard KENNEDY & Honoria McCANN Michael CARROLL & Anna KENNEDY Lacken
KENEDY Owen 23-Aug 1866 Anthony KENEDY & Brigit SWEENY Anthony KENEDY & Rebecca GOODWIN Culleens
KENEDY Patrick abt 1867 1867 Anthony KENNEDY & Brigit SWEENY Cuffstown
KENNEDY Maia c. 9 Aug 1868 Anthony KENNEDY & Brigit SWEENY James SWEENY & Catherine SWEENY ?
KENNEDY Maria bap 14 Mar b. March 1868 Hugh KENNEDY & Maria McCANN Thomas KENNEDY & Brigida CALPIN Cabragh
KENNEDY Catherine 15-Mar 1879 James KENNEDY & Bridget MELVIN Patrick BOLAND & Bridget JUDGE Lackentlieve
KENNEDY John Patrick 1-Mar 1913 Patrick KENEDY & Sarah CAFFREY Not known ?
KENNY Honor 08-Jan 1830 Thomas KENNY & Mary HARTE Thomas McHALE & Bridget McHALE Balliogan
KENNY Bridget 10-Jul 1839 Michael KENNY & Nancy GILLEN Bridget GORE Balliogan
KEREGAN Hugh 02-Aug 1839 Patrick KEREGAN & Bridget KENNY Roger KEREGAN & Mary KEREGAN Maughere-fideh
KERREGAN Bridget 17-Sep 1841 Patt KERREGAN & Biddy TUNNY Pat DOUD & Nelly McHALE Mahaa-brack
KILAWEE Kitty 18-Feb 1833 Thomas KILAWEE & Nancy DOUGHERTY Michael CARTER & Jane TAYLOR Cabra
KILCAWLY ? 20-Feb 1830 Mathew KILCAWLY & Babby CONWAY Patrick CONWAY & Mary CARROLL Drinaghan
KILCAWLEY Barbara 17-Apr 1841 poss.Martin KILCAWLEY & Biddy ROUSE Martin ROUSE & Kelly CUFF ?
KILCAWLEY (??lly) end May 1842 Mathew KILCAWLEY & Anna  BYRANE Denis TUFFY & Mary MULLANY Lacken
KILCAWLEY Michael 20-Jul 1850 Denis KILCAWLEY & Mary HEALLY James KENNEDY & Mary McLAUGHLIN Lacken
KILCULLEN John 26-Oct 1825 Pat KILCULLEN & Kitty H???INS Mathew NEARY & Catherine DUFFY Enniscrone
KILCULLEN Catherine 01-Mar 1838 Michael KILCULLEN & Mary HANLEY James GOLDEN & Anne HANLEY Mihnan
KILCULLEN Patt 12-Oct 1845 John KILCULLEN & Kitty KILCULLEN Thomas WILSHON & Mary KILCULLEN Enniscrone
KILCULLEN Anne 17-Sep 1841 Patt KILCULLEN & Anne KILCULLEN John KILCULLEN & Mary KILCULLEN (illegitimate) Enniscrone
KILCULLEN Brigit 15-Sep 1863 Patt KILCULLEN & Brigit HANDLY John DUNN & Mary TULLY Spitfield
KILCULLEN Patt 17-Feb 1861 Patt KILCULLEN & Mary HANDLY Michael HANDLEY & Anne HANDLEY Spitfield
KILCULLEN Catherine 09-Oct 1868 Patrick KILCULLEN & Maria HANLEY Thomas McGOWAN & Marguerita HANLEY Spifield
KILCULLEN Peter 02-Jun 1872 John KILCULLEN & Celia HOPKINS Martin HANDLY & Maria Jane HANDLY Enniscrone
KILCULLEN Maria Anna 24-Sep 1876 John KILCULLEN & Celia HOPKINS Hugh HANDLY & Maria Anna KILCULLEN Enniscrone
KILCULLEN John 22-Nov 1872 William KILCULLEN & Maria McHALE John MacHALE & Anna MacHALE Spitfield
KILCULLEN Maria Elleanora 21-Sep 1875 William KILCULLEN & Maria McHALE Rev. P. IRWIN & Fr. R. & Brigit McHALE Magherabach
KILDUFF Catherine 26-Dec 1844 Patrick KILDUFF & Mary CLEARY Thomas CLEARY & Bridget CLEARY Culleens
KILDUFF Anne 29-Jun 1865 James KILDUFF & Bess SHARP James MURPHY & Brigit CONWAY Leifiny
KILKIN Patt 07-May 1830 Patt KILKIN & Biddy RAFTER Thomas WADE & Biddy BOLAND Baille en Langan
KILKIN James 19-May 1832 Patt KILKIN & Bridget RAFTER William HANNAN & Anne KILKIN Balinlas
KILKIN Winny 15-Jul 1834 Patt KILKIN & Bridget RAFTER John WADE & Anne MURRAY Balinlas
KILKIN Miles 23-May 1832 Martin KILKIN & Mary REILLY John WADE & Barbara CONWAY Balinlas
KILKIN Catherine 15-Jun 1834 Martin KILKIN & Mary REILLY Patt ROGAN & Catherine KILKIN Balinlas
KILKIN Brigit   (also see CULKIN) 09-Feb 1834 James KILKIN & Mary CONMY Anthony KILKIN & Anne MURRAY Balinlas
KILKIN Mary 30-May 1834 John KILKIN & Babby CONWAY John CONWAY & Babby McDONEL Balinlas
KULKIN John  (also see CULKIN) 28-May 1829 William KULKIN & Mary KENEDY Martin BEGLANE & Anne HALLINANE Glann
KIMLAGHAN) Mary 22-Oct 1845 Darby KIMLAGHAN & Nelly GIBBINS Michael FLANELLY & Mary McNAMARA Noone???
KINNY Rose 11-Nov 1825 Bryan KINNY & Kitty SWEENY Michael CONNOR & Mary McGEER Mighnan
KINNY Thomas 15-Apr 1829 Bryan KINNY & Mary SWEENY John ROBINSON & Bridget SWEENY Midhnan, Culleens
KINSEY Richard 25-Jan 1834 Michael KINSEY & Kathy RICHARDS Eneas EGAN & Mary KINSEY Leifany
LANGAN James 07-Jul 1833 Thomas LANGAN & Mary KELLY Michael KENEDY & Fanny ATKINSON Liaghanhine
LANGAN Michael 31-Jan 1841 John LANGAN & Mary NARRY Michael NARRY & Biddy LANGAN Bailitobur
LANGAN  Patt 20-Feb 1845 John LANGAN & Mary NARY Thomas CONLON & Winifred CONLON Ballintober
LANGAN John 10-Jul 1841 Thady LANGAN & Biddy LANGAN Pat SWEENY & Anne MURPHY O-Hobar
LANGAN Michael - chr - 21 May 20-May 1868 Thomas LANGAN & Brigida McNULTY Anthony McNULTY & Maria McNULTY Cabra
LANILLY John 22-Oct 1827 James LANILLY & Bridget EVERARD Patrick FLANNELLY & Catherine EVERARD (a lady from Egans) Ballinhide
LAVIN Honor 05-May 1840 James LAVIN & Bridget COLVAS? James RAFTER & Anne ROWAN C-Hobach
LAVIN John 26-Feb 1846 James LAVIN & Bridget COBRIA Patt McGOWAN & Honor DUNNELLY Frankford
LEONARD Margaret 05-Mar 1831 Patt LEONARD & Mary HOPKINS Ned MILES & Biddy McDONELL C-Hobue
LEONARD Hugh 13-Sep 1834 Patt LEONARD & Mary HOPKINS John HOPKINS & Honor McGOWAN Carhuhabach
LEONARD Biddy 14-Nov 1841 Patt LEONARD & Mary HOPKINS Patrick HOPKINS & Ann DUNNOLLY (unclear) C-Hobue
LEONARD Bartly 25-Apr 1841 Edmond LEONARD & Anne RAFTER Thomas CAULKIN & Honor LEONARD Enniscrone
LEONARD Michael 31-May 1841 Michael LEONARD & Hillary GORDON James O'BOYLE & (think - Kathy KILCULLEN C-Hobue
LEONARD Kitty 22-Feb 1844 Bartholomew LEONARD & Mary MULLANY John MULLANY & Anne RAFTER Enniscrone
LEONARD Nelly 11-Nov 1845 Bartholomew LEONARD & Mary MULLANY Anthony LEONARD & Catherine BOLAND Enniscrone
LEONARD ? 04-Oct 1845 Ned LEONARD & Anne RAFTER Thomas WADE & Anne LEONARD Enniscrone
LINNY Thomas 28-Jul 1839 John LINNY & Honor WADE Sally LINNY Balin???g
LOFTUS Bridget 24-Jan 1827 Andrew LOFTUS & Nelly DOUGHERTY Owen LOFTUS & Mary COGGINS (Mary Coggins of Easky) Carrancollar
LOFTUS Thomas pos 20 Jul 1839 Michael LOFTUS & Mary LOFTUS John KILCULLIN & Catherine KILCULLIN Enniscrone
LOFTUS John 08-Oct 1843 John LOFTUS & Anne CIMLAGHAN James MALARKEY & Bridget BOURKE T-Noonine
LOFTUS William) bap by Mcl McHale 09-Feb 1871 John LOFTUS & Anna CAFFREY John BERANE & Maria BERANE - baptized by Michael McHALE C.C. Carhuhabach
LOFTUS Catherine 08-Mar 1873 John LOFTUS & Anna CAFFREY Patrick LOFTUS & Catherine RAFTER Carhuhabach North
LOFTUS Margaret 15-Jun 1875 John LOFTUS & Anna CAFFREY Francis LOFTUS & Eleanora LOFTUS Knockmicelin
LOFTUS Brigit )Bap by Mcl McHale c.c 10-Mar 1871 James LOFTUS & Maria FOODY Anthony FOODY & Catherine MULROONEY Cabragh
LOFTUS Honoria 17-Jan 1874 James LOFTUS & Maria FOODY Patrick MULLANY & Maria MAUGHAN Quigabar
LOFTUS James 13-Mar 1876 James LOFTUS & Maria FOODY Michael FOODY & Maria FINNEGAN Liefiny
LYNAGH Bridget 22-Dec 1835 John LYNAGH & Bridget DAUGHERTY Michael DYMSEY & Mary CAWLY Culleens
LYNAGH Kitty 03-Feb 1839 John LYNAGH & Biddy DOUGHERTY John DEMPSY & Sally DOUGHERTY Culleens
LYNAGH Brigit 23-Feb 1865 John LYNAGH & Mary O'HARA John O'HARA & Margaret LYNAGH Culleens
LYNAGH Margaret 11-Jan 1867 John LYNAGH & Mary O'HARA John KELLY & Sarah DUFFY Culleens
LYNOT John - bapt 23 Sep 1868 22-Sep 1868 John LYNOT & Maria O'HARA Charles LYNOT & Brigit LYNOT Culleens
LYONS John - bapt 27 Mar 1870 21-Mar 1870 Jhon LYONS & Maria O'HARA Anthony GALLAHER & Margarita DOHERTY Culleens
LYNCH Edmond 09-Jan 1829 Frank LYNCH & Mary RAFTER James CALLAGHAN (fm C.connor) & Betty WILSON (Ceathramh Hobue) C-Hobue-Armstrong
LYNCH John 24-Jun 1832 John LYNCH & Biddy DOUGHERTY Patt DOUGHERTY & Anne DOUGHERTY Culleens
 LYNDY Michael 09-May 1841 Anthony LYNDY & Margret SWEENY Mick & Myles SWEENY & Catherine CARB???? Cabragh
LYNETT Honor 05-Dec 1841 John LYNETT & Biddy FITZPATRICK Frank CONNOR & Anne HART Oghill
LYONS Thomas 15-Mar 1830 William LYONS & Nelly FOX Martin GALLAGHER from C.connor & Mary MULDOON from Kilmore Moy Magherabach

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