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To help you find your family - go to edit at the top of this browser & then go to "find" and enter the name you are seeking (remember there are different spellings to surnames).  The Alphabetical Kilglass Birth links are to the given family name only - using the browser you will find your surname wherever mentioned on the list.   

I have only a few names in the Easky Parish at the moment but I will add many more to this list over a period of time.

If there are any gaps, this is where it was too faded or difficult to read - if anyone can definitely fill in those gaps, I would appreciate you contacting me at my e-mail address below.

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BARRETT Mary Aug 1864 Rathlee Patt BARRETT & Mary McGLOGHLIN Michael FINNARTY & ?????
BOLAND John 23-25 Jun 1878 Finod Pat BOLAND & Ellen KAVANNY Owen KAVANNY & Mary BOLAND
BRADY Denis Dec 1864 Easky Terence BRADY & Martha CRANELISK Charles & Mary BRADY
BRADY Anne 04-Oct 1865 Knoxylangan Pat BRADY & Mary McDONNELL John (MACNAMAR) & Mary (MACNAMAR)
BRADY John 21-May 1865 Owenbeg Charles BRADY & Alice EGAN John SHERIDAN & Anne EGAN
BROGAN Honor Oct 1864 Caltra Patt BROGAN & Mary WEIR Patt & Anne MURPHY
CALLAGHAN Winifred 07-May 1865 Owenbeg James CALLAGHAN & Bridget HANDLY William CALLAGHAN & Catherine NEARY
CALLAGHAN Michael 08-Jan 1868 Owenbeg James CALLAGHAN & Brid HANDLY Bartly KENNEDY & Brid KENNEDY
CALLAGHAN Catherine May 1869 Owenbeg (James) CALLAGHAN & Bridget HANDLY Pat CALLAGHAN     &     unreadable
CALLAGHAN Thomas April 1879 Owenbeg James CALLAGHAN & Bridget HANDLY John & Kate HANDLY
CALLAGHAN Eugene born 15 Nov ch 27 Nov 1880 Owenbeg Patt CALLAGHAN & Mary MURRAY Michael TAYLOR & Bridget MURRAY
CARROLL Patrick 24-Nov 1866 Rathlee Thomas CARROLL & Cath RAFTER Bryan FEENY & Anne HANDLY
CARROLL James 08-Jul 1880 Rathlee Thomas CARROLL & Cath RAFTER John BEGLEY & Mrs. Michael KELLY
CARTY Sarah 20-Sep 1865 Fortland Pat CARTY & Brid MULLIN Pat GOLDEN & Penelope CARTY
CARTY John 22-Oct 1865 Easky John CARTY & Anne MULLIN William McNAMAR & ?
CARTY Penelope 21-May 1865 Ballymeeny Thomas CARTY & Penelope CARTY Pat CARTY & Honor KILCULLEN
CARTY Cath Jan 1869 Ballymeeny Thomas CARTY & Mary CARTY William HANDLY & Mary HANNON
CARTY Mary abt 4 Jan 1869 Finod Peter CARTY & Barbara CAVANAGH Pat & Cath CAVANAGH
CARTY Bridget 20-Aug 1870 Easky Peter CARTY & Barbara CAVANAGH James CAVANAGH & Anne CONMY
CAVANAGH Anne Jul 1864 Easky Mathew CAVANAGH & Anne CLARK John CAVANAGH & Elizabeth FLIN
CAWLY John 19-Jun 1866 Owenbeg Michael CAWLY & Margaret HANDLY Thomas FEENY & Anne KILCUFF
CAWLEY Ann 10-Jul 1870 Caltragh Thomas CAWLEY & Honor JOURDAN not known - Thomas was a labourer
CLERY Pat 10-Feb 1878 Griddle John CLERY & Mary KILCAWLEY Tom & Ellen CLERY
CLEARY John ch. 7 Nov 1880 bn: 3 Nov 1880 Griddle John CLEARY & Mary CAWLEY John & Bridget KENNEDY
CONNAUGHTON Mary Oct 1864 Carrowmacbryan Charles CONNAUGHTON & Brid HANLY Dominic FOY & Mary GOURAN
CONAUGHTON Agnes 31-Dec 1866 Carrowmacbryan Charles CONAUGHTON & Bridget HANDLY Thady HANDLY & Alice GOURAN
CONAUGHTON Thomas Jun 1876 C-brine Charles CONAUGHTON & Bridget HANDLY James CONAUGHTON & Hilary CONAUGHTON
CONNAUGHTON Kate Feb 1869 C-brine Charles CONNAUGHTON & Bridget HANDLY Pat O'BRIEN & Anne HANDLY
CONNOLLY Ellen (twin to Catherine) Jun 1864 Rathlee John CONNOLLY & Hannah CAVANAGH John HANLY & Anne BOLAND
CONNOLLY Catherine (twin to Ellen) Jun 1864 Rathlee John CONNOLLY & Hannah CAVANAGH John HANLY & Bridget ?????
CONNOR Pat 19-Feb 1873 Rathlee CONNOR John & Anne KENNEDY William CONNOR & Brid COSGRAVE
CONWAY Honor 29-Nov 1865 Owenbeg Andrew CONWAY & Honor SCOTT Bridget CONWAY
DEVANNY Martin - born 14 Jul ch. 21 Jul 1880 Cloonenmore Pat DEVANEY & Mary CALLAGHAN Thomas CARROLL & (Brid or Besy) DEVANEY
DOHERTY Pat 17-Sep 1879 Cooga Henry DOHERTY & Mary HANLY Pat & Ellen DOHERTY
MURPHY Brigit * additional info bap 20 Oct 1878 ? John MURPHY & Mary KENNY sponsors not known
DOWD John beg Aug 1864 Easky Michael DOWD & Mary CONELLY Michael CONNELLY & Mary EGAN
DOWD  Bridget 30-Jan 1867 C-more James DOWD & Bridget RUANE James MURRAY & Anne McGLOGHLIN
DOWD Daniel 10-Jul 1870 Buncrowey Dominick DOWD & Mary CULKIN Not known - Dominick was a small farmer
DOWD Patrick 18-Jul 1870 Ballymeeny Thomas DOWD & Biddy KENNY not known - Margaret DOWD , Ballymeeny present at birth
DUFFY Michael 14-Sep 1867 Rathlee Anthony DUFFY & Brid BURKE Thomas JORDAN & Hanah BAGLY
EGAN Mary (illegitimate) Oct 1864 Ballysokery/Rathlee John EAGAN & Winifred RAFTER Rose RAFTER
EGAN William * abt 19 Jun 1865   Hugh EGAN & Cath LEONARD Francis LEONARD & Honor LEONARD
EGAN James (28) Apr 1867 Knoxylangan Hugh EGAN & Catherine LEONARD Edward LEONARD & Jane MOFFITT
EGAN Mary 06-Apr 1870 Caltra Hugh EGAN & Cath LEONARD Thomas EGAN & Maria LEONARD
EGAN Annie 06-Jun 1878 Knocklangan Hugh EGAN & Catherine LEONARD Tom MOFFET & Mary CARRELIN
EGAN Anne 10-Feb 1866 ????sy Langan Luke EGAN & Bridget MONAHAN John CULLIN & Mary CURRY
EGAN Michael 02-May 1867 Knoxylangan Thomas EGAN & Mary LEONARD Anthony LEONARD & Mary CONLON
EGAN Bridget Jan 1869 Knoxglangan Thomas EGAN & Maria LEONARD Charles BRADY & Cath LEONARD
EGAN Hugh 25-Mar 1877 Knocklangan Thomas EGAN & Maria LEONARD William BRADY & Bridget LEONARD
EGAN Pat - (bapt-only) 17-Aug 1879 Knockleylangan Thomas EGAN & Mary LEONARD Ed LEONARD & Mrs. Hugh EGAN
FARRIS Honor - C 25 Jan Easky b. 15 Jan 1870 Cloonenmore William FARRIS & Catherine CREAN James MURRY & Honor McGOWAN
FARRIS Thomas c. 10 May Easky 25-Mar 1870 born Culleens Pat FARRIS & Ann HANLY Thomas FARRIS & Maria HANLY
FARRIS Thomas 21-Dec 1878 Cooga William FARRIS & Mary FARRIS James MULLOWNY & Mary ???????
FEENY Eliza Aug 1864 Owenbeg Owen FEENY & Anne KILCAWLY Thomas FEENY & Mary FA(E)???
FEENY Pat 21-Mar 1866 Owenbeg Owen FEENY & Anne KILCAWLY Thos. KILCAN & Mary FEENY
FEENY Bernard 11-Jun 1865 Owenbeg James FEENY & Bridget FLYNN Pat ROLLET & Bridget KILCULLEN
FEENY Thomas 09-Sep 1865 Carrabine Martin FEENY & Celia SWEENY Francis CAFFRY & Bridget SWEENY
FEENY Anne 16-Sep 1865 Owenbeg William FEENY & Cath (CULKIN) John & Mary TULLY
FERGUSON Sarah 04-Nov 1865 Rathlee Thomas FERGUSON & Cath HANDLY William KENNEDY & Anne O'NEILL
FLYNN Bridget mid Dec 1864 Griddle Patt FLYNN & Anne McGUINESS Pat & Bridget McGUINESS
FLYNN Patt 26-Feb 1865 Knocklangan Andrew FLYNN & Kate McDONNELL Andrew & Anne McDONNELL
FLYNN Hugh 24-Feb 1866 Griddle Andrew FLYNN & Cath McDONNELL Pat MILAN & Anne McDONNELL
FOX John 14-Dec 1866 Finod James FOX & Anne KENNEDY Pat KENNEDY & Brid SCOTT
FOX Pat 15-Jan 1870 Carnrod James FOX & Anne KENNEDY Anthony RUANE (no one else listed)
FOX James 27-Jun 1870 Carnrod James FOX & Anne KENNEDY Charles FOX & Anne KENNEDY
FOX Honor 20-Mar 1875 Finod James FOX & Anne KENNEDY Hugh & Mary FOX
FOX Margaret (says "some months old") 17-Jan 1880 Finod James FOX & Anne KENEDY Pat KENEDY & Mary LOFTUS
GORDEN Bridget 16-Mar 1866 Rathlee Michael GORDEN & Bridget KENNEDY Michael MAUGHN & Mary KENNEDY
GORDAN Martin 23-Oct 1877 Rathlee Michael GORDAN & Bridget KENEDY M. MAUGHAN & K. KENEDY
GORDAN John abt 5 Jan 1869 Rathlee William GORDAN & Bridget KENEDY John McGLONE & Anne KENEDY
GOURAN Pat 16-Mar 1865 Carrowmacbryan James GOURAN & Cath HANLY Susan HANLY or TIERNAN
HAGARTY Bridget 28-Feb 1875 Carnrod Luke HAGARTY & Ann HAGARTY Pat HAGARTY & Kate KELLY
HANLY Margaret 05-Feb 1864 Easky Daniel HANLY & Winny HANNON not known
HANDLY Margaret 02-Dec 1865 Carrenrush Daniel HANDLY & Winifred HANAN John & Brid HANDLY
HANDLY Thomas c 27 Mar 1867 Easky Daniel HANDLY & Winifred HANNAN Pat HANDLY & Mary HANNAN
HANLY Pat 26-Jun 1870 Easky Dan HANLY & Winny HANNON not known
HANDLY Anne Sep 1874 Carrenrush Daniel HANDLY & Winifred HANNON Patt CLARKE & Cath. CLARKE
HANDLY Martin June 1864 Carrenrush Martin HANDLY & Anne JOURDAN William HANDLY& Winny (KAVANAGH)
HANDLY Anne 18-Mar 1865 Easky John HANDLY & Mary HANDLY Dennis DEVANNY & Mary ?
HANDLY Dudly 27-Mar 1867 Easky John HANDLY & Mary HANDLY Pat TINNAN & Anne HANDLY
HANLY Michael 25-Sep 1869 Easky John HANLY & Mary HANLY not known
HANDLY John 26-Jun 1878 C.Macbrine John HANDLY & Mary HANDLY Michael & Mary FEENAGHTY
HANDLY Cath 03-Jan 1866 Owenbeg John HANDLY & Sabina CALLAGHAN Daniel HANDLY & Grillaria CONMY
HANDLY Pat 26-May 1868 Owenbeg John HANDLY & Sabina GEEHAN Thomas KILCAWLEY & Mary KEANE
HANLY Thomas - bap: 17 Aug 1870 14-Aug 1870 Owenbeg/Easky John HANLY & Celia(Sabina) GREHAN Pat GREHAN & Margaret HANDLY
HANDLY Daniel mid Oct 1874 Owenbeg John HANDLY & Winifred GREHAN  **NOTE attached James CALLAGHAN & Marie CONNOR
HANLY Margaret 11-Apr 1877 Owenbeg John HANLY & Sabina GREHAN Pat HANDLY & Anne BROWN
HANDLY James 06-Sep 1879 Owenbeg John HANDLY & Sabine GREHAN or GORDAN Michael & Margaret KILCAWLEY
HANLY Thomas end Jul 1864 Rathlee Pat HANLY & Anne BROWN Pat RAFTER & Anne HANLY
HANLY Biddy 12-Nov 1867 Easky Pat HANLY & Ann BROWN not known
HANLY Pat  - born 7 May 1870 bap 1 Jun 1870 Rathlee/Easky Pat HANLY & Ann BROWN Maria FERGUSON
HANLY Anne 03-Sep 1876 Castletown Pat HANLY & Anne BROWN Thad ;AMGAM & Mary A LANGAN
HANDLY Mary & Brien 16-Feb 1865 Carranashan Pat HANDLY & Winifred HANDLY Michael HANLY & Mary O'BRIEN
HANLY Margaret 18-Apr 1865 Easky/ Balur Martin HANLY & Catherine DEVANY John HANDLY & Brigit DUFFY
HANDLY Mary 02-Dec 1865 Carrenrush Daniel HANDLY & Winifred HANON John & Bridget HANDLY
HANDLY Anne beg Sep 1874 Carnrush Daniel HANDLY & Winifred HANNAN Pat CLARK & Cath CLARKE
HANDLY Bridget 24-Jan 1866 C-brine Pat HANDLY & Honor LENEHAN William LENEHAN & Cath MISSET
HANLY Michael 22-Nov 1870 Easky Pat HANLY & Honor LENAGHAN not known
HANLY Margaret 21-Apr 1867 Easky Mathew HANLY & Mary O'HARA not known
HANLY Mathew 06-Feb 1869 Easky Mathew HANLY & Mary O'HARA not known
HANLY Catherine 08-Jul 1871 Easky Mathew HANLEY & Mary O'HARA not known
HANDLY Peter - chr. 2 Jan 1869 b 25 Nov 1868      C - brine Mathew HANDLY & Anne MULLOWNY James MULLOWNY & Sarah O'BRIAN
HANLY Bridget 01-Feb 1870 Easky Mathew HANLY & Ann MULLOWNEY not known
HANLY Mary 17-Apr 1871 Easky Mathew HANLY & Ann MULLOWNEY not known
HANDLY Patt   (** added note) 09-Feb 1873 Easky Parish Mathew HANDLY & Anne MULONY Owen MULONEY & Mary FOY
HANDLY Anne Kate 15-Jul 1874 C-brine Mathew HANDLY & Anne MULLOWNY James GOURAN & Anne FOY
HANLY James 19-Oct 1877 C-macbrine Mathew HANLY & Anne MULLOWNY M. Gowarn & Mary FOY
HANDLY William 09-Nov 1879 C.Macbrine Mathew HANDLY & A. MULLOWNY Peter GOURAN & S. O'BRIAN
HANDLY Dudley 29-Mar 1876 C-brine Mart HANDLY & Mary MULLOWNY James MULLOWNY & Mrs. MULLOWNY
HANLY William 24-Nov 1870 Easky Pat HANLY & Beezy FERGUSON Sister Belinda born in Skreen 6 June 1868
HANLY Ann (Twin) 09-Aug 1865 Rathlee Michael HANLY & Mary CLARK Anne: Thomas HANDLY & Bridget TUFFY
HANLY Pat (Twin) 09-Aug 1865 Rathlee Michael HANLY & Mary CLARK Pat: Bryan MONAGHAN & Sarah CUNNINGHAM
HANLY Pat & Ann (Twins) 09-Aug 1865 Easky Michael HANLY & Mary CLARKE Births as above - also noted in Kilglass Parish
HANDLY Matthew  (born 7th Nov) 18-Nov 1877 Rathlee Pat HANDLY & Sibby HALLANAN Thomas HALLANAN & Mary HALLANAN
HANDLY Pat June 1879 Rathlee Pat HANDLY & Cecilia HALLINAN Thomas HALLINAN & S. CLARKE
HANDLY Michael 15-Dec 1877 Carrowmacbrine Michael HANDLY & Bridget O'BRIEN Michael CAWLY & Mary CAWLY
HANDLY Bridget 14-Jan 1880 C.macbrine Michael HANDLY & Bridget O'BRIEN Michael O'BRIEN & Margaret TAYLOR
HANLEY Margaret* b 29 Sep 1880 Easky Patrick HANLEY & Anne HOWLEY
HANNAN Martin Jun 1864 Carrenrush Martin HANNAN & Anne JORDAN William HANLY & Winy HANNAN
HANNAN Mary 07-May 1866 Ballykimin John HANNAN & Bridget HALE James & Ellen HALE
HARRISON Bridget* 04-Jan 1880 Cooga John HARRISON & Bridget KENNY Pat KEANE & Hanna KENNEDY
HENIGAN Thomas 06-Oct O-05 Finod Thomas HENIGAN & Mary STEPHENS Michael EARLY & Mary HOPKINS
HENIGHAN James Feb F-05 Finod Thomas HENIGHAN & Mary STEPHENS Henry BRETT & Margaret O'DONNEL
JORDAN Pat 04-Mar M-05 Easky Pat JORDAN & Anne SHERIDAN Martin JORDAN & Ellen ..
JORDAN Pat Jun 1876 Easky Thomas JORDAN & Margaret WHITE Pat GORDAN & Bridget FORDE
KELLY Anne 24-Apr 1869 Carrowpadden Pat KELLY & Bridget CARTY Lawrence (CLARKE) &  unreadable
KELLY Mathew - born 2 May ch. 9 May 1880 Carrownrush John KELLY & Bridget McCANN Mathew HANDLY & Mrs. CARABINE
KENNEDY James Jul 1864 Rathlee Pat KENNEDY & Margaret DONNEGAN Henry KENEDY & Cath HAN(LY)
KENNEDY Pat 20-Aug 1870 Rathlee Pat KENNEDY & Margaret DONEGAN Thomas DONAGAN & Catherine RAPE
KENEDY Bridget 19-Oct 1877 Rathlee Pat KENEDY & Margaret DONEGAN Henry KENEDY & K. KENEDY
KENNEDY Ellen 11-Mar 1866 Rathlee Michael KENNEDY & Ellen O'BRIEN Thomas KENEDY & Mary KENEDY
KENNEDY Michael end Nov 1874 Rathlee Michael KENNEDY & Ellen O'BRIEN Pat LENEHAN & Mary O'BRIEN
KENNEDY Martin 17-Jun 1877 Rathlee Michael KENNEDY & Ellen O'BRIEN Patt GOURAN & Mary O'BRIEN
KENNEDY Mary 14-Oct 1865 Coachroad Bernard KENNEDY & Anne SHERIDAN Pat BRADY & Alice EGAN
KENNEDY Ellen 03-Apr 1870 C.macbrine Bryan KENNEDY & Anne SHERIDAN Thomas KENNEDY & Kate NEARY
KENNEDY Thomas 15-Jul 1874 Owenbeg Bryan KENNEDY & Anne SHERIDAN Charles BRADY & Bridget BRADY
KENNEDY Bridget 19-May 1880 Owenbeg Bryan KENNEDY & Anne SHERIDAN Charles BRADY & Bridget BRADY
KENNEDY Catt 04-Jun 1876 Owenbeg Bartly KENNEDY & Catt CONNOR John & Anne BERRY
KENNEDY Anne 11-Oct 1868 Killenduff Thomas KENNEDY & Mary WHITE Andrew WHITE & Mary KILGANNON
KERRIGAN Thos. 06-Oct 1866 Rathlee Thos. KERRIGAN & Mary STEPHENS Michael McGUINESS & Cath MU????
KILCAWLEY Pat abt 1 Jan 1869 C'more Pat KILCAWLEY & Bridget MOFFIT Martin CARTY  & Mary BYRON
KILCULLEN James 12-Jul 1870 Killeenduff John KILCULLEN & Mary WHITE Not known - John is a labourer
KILINE Anthony 08-Sep 1880 Killeenduff David KILINE & Bridget CONNAUGHTON John WALL & Belinda FLANELLY
LANGAN Cath. Margaret Jul 1864 Easky Parish Pat LANGAN & Cath HANLY Thomas LANGAN & Brigit HANLY
LANGAN Pat 27-Mar 1867 Easky Pat LANGAN & Cath HANLY Pat O'BRIEN & Anne THORNTON
LEONARD Mary (28) Apr 1867 Carrowrush Michael LEONARD & Anne EGAN Owen CONLON & Honor LEONARD
LYNN Mary 21-Dec 1864 Carrowmachnan Thomas LYNN & Mary FLANELLY Jos. KEOGH & James KENNY
MADDEN Bridget 15-Feb 1865 Rathlee Thomas MADDEN & Anne SCOTT James MADDEN & Bridget SCOTT
MAUGHAN Brid May 1869 Rathlee Michael MAUGHAN & Mary KENEDY Thomas GOLDEN & (unreadable)
McANDREW Cath abt 1864 Rathlee Michael McANDREW & Bridget ROGERS Patt HANLY & Mary KENNEDY
McDONNELL James Sep 1868 Easky William McDONNELL & Cath O'BRIEN John WALSH & Mary UPTON
McHONEY Pat beg Dec 1869 Rathlee Edward McHONEY & Cath CARROLL John McHONEY & Mrs. McHONEY
McMANA John Thomas 27-Mar 1880 Easky Peter McNAMA & Bridget FOY Thomas FOY & Delia McNAMA
MISSET James 06-Oct 1870 Easky William MISSET & Cath BYRON Thomas CONNAGHTON & Mary MISSET
MULLOWNY Barbara 24-Jul 1868 Killenduff Michael MULLOWNEY & Anne CAVANAGH John MULLOWNY & Brid CONWAY
MULLOWNY Margaret beg Sep 1874 C-Macbrine (illegitmte) William MULLOWNY & Margaret JOURDAN(died) Margaret GOLDEN
MULLANYorMULLNORY Catherine 12-Dec 1876 C-Macbrine Thomas MULLANY/MULLNORY& Anne HANDLY Pat HANLY & Anne MULLANY
MULLOWNY John - born 24 Jun chr. 29 Jun 1880 Killenduff Daniel MULLOWNY & Catherine CREAN Charles CARTY & Bridget (MORRISEY)
MULLEN James 14-20 Jun 1878 Killeenduff John MULLEN & Catherine BRUEN Michael & Mrs. BRUEN
MURRAY Anne 30-Dec 1865 Finod Roger MURRAY & Brid MURRAY James & Mary MUNDY
MURRAY John * 16-Feb 1911 Rathlee James Hugh MURRAY & Brigit SCOTT Helene CUMMINS & Marecia KILGARVIN
MURRAY Anne 12-Jun 1867 Easky Martin MURRAY & Anne KOOLEHAN Thomas MURRAY & Catherine MURRAY
MURRAY Jane * additional info 15-Jan 1870 C.Morr James MURRAY & Brid KENNEDY Thady MURRAY & Mary MURRAY
O'BRIEN Ellen 30-Sep 1866 C. Macbrine Pat O'BRIEN & Winifred HANDLY William O'BRIEN & Mary LANGAN
O'BRIEN Mary 16-Feb 1865 Carrowmacbryan Pat O'BRIEN & Winifred HANDLY Michael HANLY & Mary O'BRIEN
O'BRIEN Cath Oct 1869 C-brine Pat O'BRIEN & Winifred HANDLY John O'BRIEN & Mary HANDLY
(O'BRIEN) ? Sep 1869 C-brine John (O'BRIEN) & Mary HANDLY Michael HANDLY & Winny DAVANNY
O'RORKE Bridget 29-Oct 1870 Ballymeeny James O'RORKE & Anne KILWEE John & Brid KILWEE
ORMSBY Bridget - born 4 Feb 06-Feb 1879 Rathlee Thomas ORMSBY & Bridget DUFFY John & Ellen HANDLY
RAFTER Anne 17-Jun 1865 Fortland Michael RAFTER & Anne BOLAND Patt RAFTER & Brid BOLAND
RAFTER Mary 06-Jul 1870 Fortland John RAFTER & Bridget McGUIRE not known - John is a small farmer.  Birth registered in Easky District - Civil Birth
SCOTT John 20-Jan 1865 ? John SCOTT & Alice McCOY Pat McCOY & Ellen SCOTT
SCOTT James 10-Jul 1865 Killenduff Pat SCOTT & Honor KILCULLEN Thad. GEEHAN & Ellen GALLAGHER
SCOTT John 01-Aug 1866 Ballymeeny Pat SCOTT & Honor KILCULLEN James ROGERS & Brid KILCULLEN
SCOTT Honor 13-Aug 1865 Fortland Pat SCOTT & Margaret CONNOLLY Pat KENNY & Honor SCOTT
SCOTT Pat 11-May 1866 Finod Pat SCOTT & Margaret RAFTER Jns RAFTER & Mary McDONNELL
SHERIDAN John July 1864 Foolenod Thomas SHERIDAN & Mary CULEEN Pat CULEEN & Marg?????
SWEENY Thomas 12-Dec 1868 Caltra James SWEENY & Cath KENEDY Owen & Ellen MURPHY
WALL Anne early Dec 1869 ? Pat WALL & Brid BRADY Anthony BRADY & Mrs. WALL
WRIGHT Thomas 02-Dec 1865 Rathlee Owen WRIGHT & Mary KILCULLEN Patt WRIGHT & Cath CARROLL

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