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 9000+ to choose from throughout the UK & Ireland. 

To help you find your family - go to edit at the top of this browser & then go to "find" and enter the name you are seeking (remember there are different spellings to surnames).  The Alphabetical Kilglass Birth links are to the given family name only - using the browser you will find your surname wherever mentioned on the list.

I have added a great deal of names to  Castleconnor area and I hope to get many more added to this list over a period of time.  

If there are any gaps, this is where it was too faded or difficult to read - if anyone can definitely fill in those gaps, I would appreciate you contacting me at my e-mail address below.

If anyone has any information that they would like me to add to this site to help others research their families, please feel free to forward it to me at my e-mail address  

All of the entries are spelt as written in the record - so check different spellings for your family!

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ATKINSON Henry 27-Jul 1839 Co????? Thomas ATKINSON & Mary BOLAND Michael GAUGHAN & Nelly DEVANNY
ATKINSON Mary 16-Apr 1854 ? William ATKINSON & Winny Bear KEARAGAN Blank
ATKINSON Francis 26-Jun 1859 (Attyarray) John ATKINSON & Mary McDONNELL John McDONELL & Eleanor McDONELL
BARRETT Thomas mid Jul 1836 Cloonily John BARRETT & Nelly JOURDAN Thomas BARRETT & Bridget MURRAY
BARRINS Patrick 01-Feb 1880 Cloonkulgan John BARRINS & (Rosy) GALLAGHER Michael BARRINS & Bridget RAFTER
BARRINS Bridget 17-Oct 1880 Fiddaine John BARRINS & Ellen WEIR James WEIR & Bridget McANDREW
BARRON Matthew 06-Jan 1858 Fidane James BARRON & Honoria HOWLEY James BARRON & Mary BARRON
BARRON James 12-Dec 1872 Mingware Edward BARRON & Bridget RAFTER Richard RAFTER & Anne FARRIS
BATTLE Catherine 18-Feb 1835 Tourinard Michael BATTLE & Mary O'HARA Mathew O'HARA & Anna O'HARA
BATTLE John 08-Jun 1845 Carane Michael BATTLE & Nancy BATTLE Michael BATTLE & Mary McHALE
BATTLE Owen 10-Jul 1856 Mingnare Owen BATTLE & Madgy LOFTUS Anthony FINLAN & Anne FINLAN
BATTLE Martin 07-Jan 1875 Mingware Michael BATTLE & Winifred CREANE Martin BATTLE & Bridge CULLEN
BATTLE Catherine 26-Oct 1879 Mingnare Michael BATTLE & Winifred CREAN Patrick DONEGAN & Mary CREAN
BERANE Anne 08-Jun 1854 Phidane James BERANE & Honor HOWLY Blank
BEST Mathew (14) Dec 1836 Tournary James BEST & Ellen ROGAN Mathew BEST & Peggy BEST
BEST Patt 07-Dec 1843 Carrownarlar James BEST & Bridget KILCULLEN Michael BATTLE & Nancy BATTLE
BEST Margaret 04-Feb 1875 Tourmore Michael BEST & Anne CREAN William BEST & Winifred CREAN
BEST Pat 05-Sep 1880 Tournor Michael BEST & Anne CREAN Pat CREAN & Mary CREAN
BOLAND Uncy 11-Oct 1835 ? Michael BOLAND & Mary HEALEY Theady BOLAND & Bridget HEALEY
BOLAND Bridget 07-Nov 1837 Stockane Theady BOLAND & Barbara WALSH Frances BOLAND & Peggy BOLAND
BOLAND Thomas 30-Apr 1854 Carns Thomas BOLAND & Dolly KENNEDY John & Bridget KENNEDY
BOLAND William 10-Apr 1859 Carns Thomas BOLAND & Dorothy KENNEDY Patrick KEANE & Bridget JUDGE
BOLAND Mary 29-Mar 1860 Carns James BOLAND & Alice MELVIN Michael MELVIN & Mary MELVIN (a note "settled with Clarke part")
BOLAND Anthony**add.info-marr 04-Sep 1869 Corbally Patrick BOLAND & Bridget FARRIS Anthony BOLAND & Anne FARRIS
BOLAND Patrick 08-Jun 1871 Corbally Patrick BOLAND & Bridget FARRIS John CLEARY & Mary FARRIS
BOLAND Mary 26-Dec 1872 Corbally Patrick BOLAND & Bridget FARRIS Edward GRENEHAN & Ellen MURPHY
BOLAND James 18-Feb 1875 Corbally Patrick BOLAND & Bridget FARRIS Richard RAFTER & Anne FARRIS
BOLAND Thomas(bap19/10/1876) bir 16 Oct 1876 Emlimoran/Corbally Patrick BOLAND & Bridget FARRIS Patrick FOODY & Catherine MURPHY
BOLAND Bridget(marr.New York) 04-Jul 1880 Enlimoran Patrick BOLAND & Bridget FARRIS Michael KARNIAGHE & Annie DOOHER
BOLAND Mary 05-Jan 1871 Carrenolner Michael BOLAND & Ellen MELVIN Timothy BOLAND & Dolly WALSHE
BOLAND Margaret 29-Sep 1870 M.Carne/Mingware Patrick BOLAND & Bridget SWEENY John BOLAND & Honoria SWEENY
BOLAND Hubert 10-May 1874 Raglass Patrick BOLAND & Mary McGOWAN George KELLY & Anne BOLAND
BOLAND Mary 15-Feb 1880 Stoken Owen BOLAND & Catherine KELLY Michael THORNTON & Bridget BOLAND
BOLAND Ellen 21-Mar 1880 Stokane John BOLAND & Mary FOODY John BOLAND & Catherine BOLAND
BOLAND Michael 04-Apr 1880 Ballymoneen Patt BOLAND & Sarah SHERIDAN Michael BOLAND & Ellen MELVIN
BOLAND (Honor) 04-Apr 1880 Stokane Michael BOLAND & Bridget KELLY Patrick KELLY & Honor BOLAND
BOLAND Patt 22-Aug 1880 Stokane Patt BOLAND & Honor SWEENY Anthony BOLAND & Anne BOLAND
BOURKE Margaret 03-Aug 1841 Carns Ned BOURKE & Peggy KENNEDY William ROUSE & Bridget BRENAN
BOURKE Anne 08-Jan 1844 Carns Ned BOURKE & Peggy KENNEDY John & Bridget GALLAGHER
BOURNS Michael 11-Oct 1835 Sch????noy Patt BOURNS & Nancy REGAN Patt BOURNS & Cisily REGAN
BOURNS Barnabus (illegitimate) 11-Jun 1839 ? Thomas BOURNS & Tabby HELLY(wife of Peter Harrisson) Patt DEMPSEY & Mary FRANKLIN - (Peter Harrisson of Knockbrankane)
BOURNS 12-Jul 1840 entry says Bridget named Bourns by her mother who her name as Kelly (illegitimate) - Sponsors: Patt KIGGAN & Peggy CONNEL
BRENAN Mary 08-Nov 1835 ? John BRENAN & Peggy BOURNS Martin HANDLEY & Mary BRENAN
BRENNAN Anne 07-Feb 1843 Tourney Patt BRENNAN & Bridget SWEENEY Michael COLEMAN & Catherine SWEENEY
BRENAN Mary end Nov 1852 Corbally John BRENAN & Bridget HOWLEY Michael HANLEY & Bridget BRENAN
BRENAN John 25-May 1854 Carane???? John BRENAN & Bridget HOWLEY Michael & Mary HOWLY
BRENNAN Celia (twin) 24-May 1860 Corbally John BRENNAN & Bridget HOWLEY John COGGINS & Mary HOWLEY
BRENNAN Catherine (twin) 24-May 1860 Corbally John BRENNAN & Bridget HOWLEY Michael HOWLEY & Celia HOWLEY
BRENNAN John 07-Jul 1859 Carrane Patrick BRENNAN & Maria BOLAND John CONMY & Mary KEANE
BROWN Mary 28-Apr 1836 ? Thomas BROWN & Catherine McEVOY Michael MULDERRY & Mary BROWNE
BROWN  Margaret 23-Jun 1870 Newtown Peter BROWN & Margaret WALSHE James FORD & Catherine FORD
BURKE William 23-Dec 1855 Barrackstown John BURKE & Mary FERGUSSON Michael HEALY & Mary BURKE
BURKE Mary 21-Jun 1857 ? John BURKE & Mary FARRIS Patrick HOWLY & Bridget BURKE
BURKE Bridget 17-Nov 1859 Upper Corballa John BURKE & Mary FARRIS Michael KELLY & Margaret McANDREW
BURKE Sarah 03-Jun 1869 Raffin/Corbally John BURKE & Mary FARRIS William BURKE & Margaret COGGINS
BURKE Maria 13-Jan 1872 Corbally John BURKE & Mary FARRIS Anthony WRAY & Margaret COGGINS
BURKE Sarah 22-Mar 1860 Emlimoran Patrick BURKE & Mary MURPHY James HENIGAN & Sarah HENIGAN
BURNS Mary Jane 24-Mar 1869 Dooneen Thomas BURNS & Bridget HEGARTY James CULLEN & Catherine HEGARTY
BURNS Catherine 24-Jun 1871 Ballymonan Patrick BURNS & Catherine HEGARTY Richard McCARRICK & Mary HALLINAN
BURNS Patrick 25-May 1879 Ballymonet Patrick BURNS & Catherine HEGARTY Thomas BURNS & Bridget HEGARTY
CALLAGHAN Catherine 31-May 1835 Thomas CALLAGHAN & Catherine CALLAGHAN Michael CAVANAGH & Bridget CAVANAGH
CALLAGHAN James 29-Jun 1835 ? James CALLAGHAN & Catherine DURKAN Michael DUNIGAN & Mary DOOHER
CALLAGHAN Mary 17-Mar 1838 Ballymoonen James CALLAGHAN & Bridget DURKAN
CARDEN Patt 20-Jan 1839 Ballymooneen Patt CARDEN & Bridget FLYNN Thomas MUNNELLY & Catherine DOOHER & Honor CALLAGHAN
CARDEN James 13-Aug 1843 Muing James CARDEN & Catherine DEMPSY John MURRAY & Bridget KILCAWLEY
CARNEY Anne 18-Aug 1844 Farringemar Peter CARNEY & Nancy MELVIN John & Mary CARNEY
CARREL Mary 30-Sep 1835/6? ? James CARREL & Anne CONMY Michael CONMY & Catherine KENNEDY
CARREL Bridget 01-Nov 1835 Clian (looks like) Patt CARREL & Mary KEANE Patt ROUANE & Anne KEANE
CARREL Catherine 03-Nov 183(5) ? Matt CARREL & Judy McANDREW Patt DIMOND & Nancy KELLY
CARREL (not named in record) 28-Mar 1838 Barrackstown Mathew CARREL & Judy McANDREW William  BOURKE & Bridget BOURKE
CARREL Martin 14-Feb 1841 Barra Nade Mathew CARREL & Judy McANDREW William KELLY & Bridget BOURKE
CARREL Mary 08-Feb 1844 Barrackstown Mathew CARREL & Judy McANDREW Henry WALTON & Mary BOURKE
CARR Judith 08-Jan 1846 Castleconnor Mathew CARR & Judy McANDREWS John HANLY & Cath KENEDY
CARREL Judith abt 17 Jan 1847 Corbally Mathew CARREL & Judy McANDREW John HANLY & Cath KENEDY
CARREL James 28-Feb 1836 Knock(ch)???? Thomas CARREL & Catherine COGGAN Patt COGGAN & Sally COGGAN
CARREL John 11-May 1836 ? Thomas CARREL & Mary GOLDEN Patt BOLAND & Nelly GOLDEN
CARREL Peggy 11-Sep 1836 Knocknleghnan Terrence CARREL & Mary McDERMOTT James CARREL & Catherine KEANE
CARREL Bernard 19-Nov 1836 Muingware James CARREL & Honor HANAN James COGGAN & Annie SHERIDAN
CARREL Bernard 19-Jan 1837 Muningware James CARREL & Honor HANAN James COGGAN & Annie SHERIDAN
CARREL James 7-Jan 1840 Muingware James CARREL & Honor HANNAN John COGGAN & Annie HANAN
CARREL Daniel 30-Sep 1838 Knockel??? Terence CARREL & Mary McDERMOTT Patt COGGANS & Mary SWEENEY
CARREL Mary 01-Aug 1841 Midhnan Terence CARREL & Mary McDERMOTT Harry & Catherine McDERMOTT
CARREL Bridget 7-Oct 1838 New Burns?? John CARREL & Mary MULROONEY Patt CARREL & Mary KEANE
CARREL Malachy 15-Oct 1838 Carragan Thomas CARREL & Mary GOLDEN Robert WRIGHT & Clare (Elori) GOLDEN
CARREL James 18-Nov 1838 Rathglass Bryan CARREL & Bridget ROUANE Thomas & Catherine DURKAN
CARREL John 02-Oct 1840 Rathglass Bryan CARREL & Bridget ROUANE Denis LOFTUS & Mary HART
CARREL Anne & Ned (Ned unclear) 20-Jun 1841 Rathglass Francis CARREL & Jane CARREL Frank McCARREL & Bridget CALLAGHAN & Ellen H?
CARREL Mary 11-Feb 1844 Rath???way Michael CARREL & Judy NARAR Thomas GALLAGHER & Anne NARAR
CARROL Robert 01-Dec 1844 Bally???? Francis CARROLL & Mary HOWLEY Dick & A??? HOWLEY
CARROL Anne 22-Dec 1844 Knocknleghnan Farrina CARROL & Mary McDONNEL - not clear James & Bridget McDONNELL
CARROLL Anne 29-Jun 1856 Mingware Terance CARROLL & Mary HIGGINS James CARROLL & Anna GOTTI???
CARROL Mary 04-Mar 1858 Mingware Terence CARROL & Mary HIGGINS James COGGINS & Mary KILCULLEN
CARROLL John 31-May 1860 Mingware Thomas CARROLL & Maria HIGGINS Edmond WALSHE & Anne ROUSE
CARROLL John 17-Jul 1856 Raglass Francis CARROLL & Mary HOWLEY Michael CULKIN & Anne O'HORA
CARROLL Patrick 03-Aug 1879 Ragranet/Raglass Michael CARROLL & Bridget WALSH Margaret CARROLL
CARRICK Bridget 28-Apr 1837 Ballymoneen Daniel CARRICK & Anne DOOHER Thomas DOOHER & Bessy CLARKE
CARTY  John 01-Apr 1859 Carns Peter CARTY & Barbara MORRISON Michael HANLY & Anne HANLY
CAWLEY Thady 15-Jan 1843 Corbally Martin CAWLEY & Sally TOUGHN Thomas & Catherine DONLAN
CAWLY Bridgett 07-Jun 1845 Corbally Martin CAWLY & Sally TOUGHAR John HERBERT & Margaret HERBERT
CLARK ??? 30-Aug 1854 Carane Patt CLARK & Honor CONNOR Witnesses not listed
COGGAN Bridget 12-Apr 1843 Reavanny Dominick COGGAN & Bridget McENNIS Daniel SHERIDAN & Bridget CARDEN
COGGINS Margaret 24-Jun 1859 Mingware Thomas COGGINS & Ellen MORAN Patt COGGINS & Mary BOLAND
COGGINS Mary 22-Mar 1860 Mingware James COGGINS & Mary KILCULLEN Michael ROUSE & Anne ROUSE
COIN Mary 05-May 1838 Elligotenmat Thomas COIN & Catherine GALLAGHER Ned HOPE & Nancy(?) FLANELLY
COLEMAN Daniel 02-May 1837 Carns Michael COLEMAN & Catherine SWEENEY Dudly McENNIS & Anne SWEENEY
COLMAN Pat 03-Apr 1845 Carns Anthony COLMAN & Honora O'HARA Pat ROUSE & Margaret O'HARA
CONMY Mary 22-Jan 1842 ????nohn Anthony CONMY & Anne FEENAGHTY James FEENAGHTY & Barbara McDONNEL
CONMY Mary 24-Jun 1842 Ballamahaney Bartyly CONMY  & Mary FOODY Michael & Catherine FOODY
CONMY Peter 02-Jul 1842 Castleconnor Michael CONMY & Anne BARRETT John O'NEIL & Mary NEALON
CONNELL Patt 31-May 1835 ? Michael CONNELL & Bridget McLAUGHLIN John CONWAY (or CONMY) & Bridget BRENAN
CONNEL Peggy 02-Jun 1836 ? Michael CONNEL & Bridget McLAGHLIN John CONNEL & Betty CONNEL
CONNEL Bridget 07-Oct 1838 New Brunswick John CONNEL & Mary MULROONEY Patt CARREL & Mary KEANE
CONNOL John 18-Dec 1839 Bunandra John CONNOL & Mary MULROONEY Michael GALLAGHER & Bridget JUDGE
CONNOR Nancy 05-May 1835 Patt CONNOR & Biddy SWEENY Martin O'HARA & Nancy ROGAN
CONNOR Michael 04-May 1843 Carane Patt CONNOR & Bridget SWEENY William WALSH & Nancy BROWN
CONNOR Christopher 25-Feb 1843 Tully Christopher CONNOR & Bridget GIBBONS Thomas BOLAND & Honor GIBBONS
CONWAY Bridget 23-Jan 1838 Carns James CONWAY & Honor MULLANY John DUNIGAN & Bridget MULLANEY
CONWAY Mary 21-May 1843 Carrowha? Thomas CONWAY & Mary MULDOON James CONWAY & Bridget CONWAY
CONWAY Michael * see marr. List b5 c8 Sep 1880 Rath(glass) Bryan CONWAY & Anne CONWAY Andrew CONWAY & Mary BIRIANE
CONWAY Michael(marr Kilglass1912) 26-Sep 1880 Carns Michael CONWAY & Mary MULLANY James JUDGE & Bridget CONWAY
COOLICAN Patt 30-Jan 1836 ? Patt COOLICAN & Atty McKENNY (Gibbral) COOLICAN & (Mary) McGINNIS
COOLICAN Patt 28-Oct 1838 (Carns) Patt COOLICAN & Angela McKENNY Gilbert COOLICAN & Mary COLEMAN
COOLICAN Ally 18-Aug 1836 Carrownarlar John COOLICAN & Bridget CARREL Daniel KENNEDY & Mary BOLAND
COOLICAN James 15-Jun 1837 Carns Philip COOLICAN & Bridget McKENNY (spec.disp 2nd) Patt MELVIN & Mary HENIGAN
COOLICAN Patt 28 Oct 1838 Carns)
COOLICAN Michael 07-Jun 1839 Carns Philip COOLICAN & Bridget McKENNY John COOLICAN & Dorothy McKENNY
COOLICAN Margaret 07-Oct 1838 Carns Michael COOLICAN & Mary CAHEL Michael BRENNAN & Mary MELODY
COOLICAN Michael 26-Aug 1855 Ballymanane Thomas COOLICAN & Mary McDONAGH Patrick KENNEDY & Mary KENNEDY
COSMORE(think)  Henry 24-Aug 1856 Corbally Edmond COSMORE & Bridget COLLINS Charles COLLINS & Mary JORDAN
COWLEY Anne 01-Jun 1841 Tullybr???? Martin COWLEY & Mary MORRIS James & Bridget COWLEY
COYLE John 05-Jun 1862 Rathranny Martin COYLE & Mary BRUEN Martin DEVITT & Winifred COYLE
COYLE Patrick 18-Feb 1866 Rathranny Martin COYLE & Mary BRUEN Michael HARTE & Catherine BRUEN
COYLE Catherine 05-Dec 1868 Rathranny Martin COYLE & Mary BRUEN Michael BRUEN & Bridget FOX
COYLE Bridget 30-Dec 1871 Rathranny Martin COYLE & Mary BRUEN Henry BRUEN & & Bridget BRUEN
COYLE Martin 20-Aug 1876 Rathranny Martin COYLE & Mary BRUEN Michael BRUEN & Bridget BRUEN
CREAN Mary 19-Nov 1841 Muningwar Martin CREAN & Honoria REAVINEY Peter & Catherine REAVINEY
CREAN William 04-Nov 1845 Harringhml?? Martin CREAN & Honor REAVANY Patt KEARNANCY- very unclear)  & Mary HARNEL
CREANE Martin 03-Sep 1857 Mingware Martin CREANE & Honoria REAVENY Edward BARRON & Mary BOLAND
CREAN Mary 17-Mar 1838 Corbally Ned CREAN & Bridget CULLEN Michael DONLON & Winny CULLEN
CREAN Catherine 11-Jun 1840 Corbally Ned CREAN & Bridget CULLEN James GORDAN & Bridget CREAN
CREAN Anthony 21-Nov 1841 Corbally Ned CREAN & Bridget CULLEN Rodger GORDEN & Bridget CREAN
CREAN Anthony 31-Jul 1842 Corbally Ned CREAN & Bridget CULLEN Rodger GORDEN & Bridget CREAN
CREANE Edmond & Bridget (twins) 17-Oct 1845 Corbally Ned CREANE & Bridget CULLEN Edmd-Anthony & Catharine CUNNANE-Bridget-Rodger & Bridget GORDAN
CREANE Patt 11-Mar 1848 Corbally Ned CREANE & Bridget CULLEN James GORDEN & Mary CULLEN
CREANE (cld be Marny or Henry) 24-Aug 1856 Corbally Edward CREANE & Bridget CULLEN Charles CULLEN & Mary JORDAN
CREANE Ellen 09-Jan 1859 Liefiny/Corbally Edward CREANE & Bridget CULLEN Michael ROGAN & Honoria GALLAGHER
CREANE Anne 12-Oct 1845 Maringwar Pat CREANE & Mary SWEENY Thomas & Anne SWEENEY
CREAN Margaret 21-Sep 1854 Mingware Patt CREAN & Mary SWEENY James & Mary KILCULLEN
CREANE Martin 18-Dec 1856 Mingware Patrick CREANE & Mary SWEENY Michael ROUSE & Mary SWEENY
CREANE Patrick 14-Jun 1860 Mingware Patrick CREANE & Mary SWEENY Martin BATTLE & Mary FOODY
CREAN William 01-Oct 1863 Mingware Patrick CREANE & Mary SWEENY Michael ROUSE & Fanny CREANE
CULKIN Nancy 02-May 1835 John CULKIN & Sally MOFFITT John MOFFITT & Mary Mc CARRICK
CULKIN John 14-Mar 1837 Castleconnor Patt CULKIN & Mary RANKIN Charles KILROY & Mary KILROY
CULKIN Michael 14-Aug 1837 K. Shamar John CULKIN & Sally MOFFET Patt KILCAWLEY & Mary FLYNN
CULKIN Patt 21-Feb 1841 Kilban????? John CULKIN & Peggy BEGLEY James CONNOR & Molly McGORDAN
CULKIN James 21-Feb 1841 Foodham Miles CULKIN & Bridget HARRISSON Michael CULKIN & Catherine HARRI?SON(could be F or S)
CULKIN Patt 02-Jun 1843 poss. Carns Richard CULKIN & Bridget RENNEY think-Farrias HOWLEY & Mary HOWLEY
CULLEN George 16-Jul 1870 Corbally Thomas CULLEN & Anne EGAN Michael MURPHY & Catherine MURPHY
CUNANE James 18-Oct 1835 ? Thomas CUNANE & Catherine KILCULLEN Thomas COLEMAN & Bridget HANDLEY
CUNNANE Anne 25-Apr 1880 Raglane John CUNNANE & Catherine MURPHY Charles CUNNANE & Sarah McDERMOTT
CUNNANE Michael 05-Sep 1880 Tully John CUNNANE & Anne GOURAN Pat CUNNANE & Margaret CUNNANE
CUNCART Michael 02-Jul 1841 Ballymahony Patt CUNCART & Sally MULHUNAN John GALLAGHER & Sally FOODY

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