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I have added a lot more records into the Castleconnor parish and I will continued to add to these records over a period of time.  

If there are any gaps, this is where it was too faded or difficult to read - if anyone can definitely fill in those gaps, I would appreciate you contacting me at my e-mail address below.

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MAUGHAN Bridget 22-Feb 1846 ? Peter MAUGHAN & Bridget (FANMAN) unclear James HANAN & Mary FLYNN
MAY Mary 07-Jun 1836 Knockasham Thomas MAY & Mary CARREL Patt DEVITT & Catherine CARDEN
McANDREWS Michael 16-Nov 1836 Emlimoran James McANDREWS & Mary McDERMOTT John McANDREWS & Jane BOYD
McANDREWS Thomas 04-Oct 1837 Emlimoran Michael McANDREWS & Atty O'HARA Dominick McDERMOTT & Nancy McDERMOTT
McANDREW Bridget 02-Jan 1838 Emlimoran Mark McANDREW & Anne MULARKY Patt MULARKY & Bridget HEAVEY
McCANN Mary 08-Jun 1835 ? Michael McCANN & Nancy McNULTY James CUFF & Ellen McNULTY
McCARRICK Mary 18-Mar 1855 Newtown Hugh McCARRICK & Honor McNULTY Thomas McCARRICK & Ann McCARRICK
McCARRICK Mary Anne 27-Aug 1871 Ballymonan Frank McCARRICK & Ellen CARDEN Patrick CARDEN & Catherine HEGARTY
McCARRICK Catherine 12-Apr 1874 Ballymoneen Frank McCARRICK & Ellen CARDEN John CARDEN & Mary HALLINAN
McCARRICK Patrick 20-Jan 1876 Ballymahany Frank McCARRICK & Ellen CARDEN Thomas McCARRICK & James McCARRICK
McCARRICK Bridget c.2 Dec 27-Nov 1877 Ballymahany Frank McCARRICK & Ellen CARDEN Hugh McCARRICK & Honoria McNULTY
McCARRICK Francis 11-Jan 1880 Ballymonan Frank McCARRICK & Ellen CARDIN Thomas CARDIN & Maria CARDIN
McDERMOTT John 17-May 1835 James McDERMOTT & Catheryn MILES Rodger McDERMOTT & Mary MILES
McDERMOTT Anne 17-Sep 1837 Carragaree James McDERMOTT & Cath MILES Thomas McDERMOTT & Honoria McDERMOTT
McDERMOTT Rodger 04-Jun 1836 ? Rodger McDERMOTT & Mary LOFTUS Thomas McDERMOTT & Mary CAWLEY
McDERMOTT Patt 20-Jan 1839 Caragary Rodger McDERMOTT & Molly LOFTUS Patt McDERMOTT & Anne MILES
McDERMOTT Patt end Jul 1836 Dooneen Thomas McDERMOTT & Catherine KEANE Patt McDERMOTT & Catherine CAWLEY
McDERMOTT Eleanor 01-May 1845 Caragary Thomas McDERMOTT & Catherine KEANE Henry McDERMOTT & ???? KEANE
McDERMOTT Brigit 30-Jan 1836 ???? John McDERMOTT & Catherine MELVIN Patt ROUANE & Anne McDERMOTT
McDERMOTT Catherine 14-May 1843 Caragary John McDERMOTT & Anne MOELS Farrel CONNELLY & Anne MURPHY
McDERMOTT Sarah 03-Feb 1861 Emblimoran Patt McDERMOTT & Sarah HENIGAN James HENIGAN & Catherine BATTLE
McDERMOTT James 01-Aug 1880 Caragary Pat McDERMOTT & Margaret REYNOLDS James REYNOLDS & Rose FLYNN
McDONNEL Frank 09-Feb 1845 Bri???hen Frank McDONNEL & Mary McGLOGHLAN John HANLEY & Bridget BATTLE
McENNIS Thomas 02-Mar 1838 Carns Dudly McENNIS & Bridget COLMAN John WADE & Mary McENNIS
McENNIS Martin 21-Mar 1842 Carns Patt McENNIS & Catherine SWEENEY Martin & (poss. Jenny)  SWEENEY
MAGENNIS Maria 06-Apr 1857 Carns Dudly MAGENNIS & Rose SCOTT Owen SCOTT & Mary GOURANANE
MAGENNIS Catherine 07-Dec 1854 Cloonikilane Owen MAGENNIS & Mary GOURINANE Patt MAGENNIS & Mary MAGENNIS
MAGENNIS Anne 13-Sep 1860 Clooniekane Owen MAGENNIS & Mary GOURINANE James MAGENNIS & Anne GOURINANE
MAGENNIS Mary Jane 26-May 1870 Carns Thomas MAGENNIS & Catherine HANLY Owen MAGENNIS & Catherine MAGENNIS
MAGENNIS Patrick 21-Jan 1872 Carns Thomas MAGENNIS & Catherine HANLY Patrick MAGENNIS & Catherine SWEENY
MAGENNIS Bridget 01-Feb 1874 Carns Thomas MAGENNIS & Catherine HANLY James MAGENNIS & Bridget HANLY
MAGENNIS John - born 10 Jan bap 13 Jan 1876 Carns Thomas MAGENNIS & Catherine HANLY William WRIGHT & Jane HANLY
McGUINESS Thomas**(see Marr) 15-Aug 1880 Carns Thomas McGUINESS & Catherine HANLY* (see marr.) Pat REASE & Anne FOODY
MAGENNIS Martin 07-Feb 1872 Carns James MAGENNIS & Anne GOURINAN James MULLEN & Mary MAGENNIS
MAGENNIS (Margaret) 29-Nov 1874 Carns James McGENNIS & Mary HALLINANE Thomas MAGENNIS & Bridget HALLINANE
MAGENNIS Philip b. (30 Jan ) 1880 entered 1 Feb - Carns Dudly MAGENNIS & Rose (TERTT) Patrick KELLY & Maria KELLY
McGLOONE Pat 28-Sep 1845 Dooneen Pat McGLOONE & Mary KEANE Pat DURKAN & Bridget DURKAN
McHALE James 20-Jul 1843 Bunane Anthony McHALE & Peggy COOLMAN John & Bridget HOWLEY
McHALE Mary 03-Feb 1844 Castleconnor Michael McHALE & Mary RENALDS James RENALDS & Mary McCAVISH
McHALE Michael 11-Jun 1846 Muckduff Michael McHALE & Mary RENOLDS John McHALE & Nancy McHUGH
McHALE Anne 25-Jun 1870 Castleconnor James McHALE & Bridget FLEMING John HARRISON & Mary COOGRAN
McKEON Catherine 31-Jul 1843 Corbally Martin McKEON & Bridget HUGHERTY John CYRON & Catherine RHAY
McMAHON John 15-Feb 1839 Castletown Patrick McMAHON & Eliza COULTER David CARDEN & Mrs. COULTER
McNEELY Mary ?14 July 1841 Toolly John McNEELY & Judy REGAN Hugh FOX & Bridget McENNIS
MELVIN Michael 29-May 1835 John MELVIN & Nancy HOWLY Rodger FENLON & Bridget MULLEN
MELVIN Thomas 27-Jul 1838 Mingware John MELVIN & Anne HOWLEY Darby MELVIN & Mary KILCULLEN
MELVIN Mary 08-Feb 1836 Mingware Darby MELVIN & Mary O'HARA James MELVIN & Mary MELVIN
MELVIN Bridget 01-Feb 1838 Mingware Darby MELVIN & Mary O'HARA Martin MELVIN & Sally O'HARA
MELVIN Patt (22) Mar 1836 (Stockane) John MELVIN & Bridget JONES Patt MELVIN & Anne GAHAN
MELVIN Pat 14-Dec 1837 Carane John MELVIN & Cath HARRISON Hugh HARRISSON & Mary MELVIN
MELVIN Mary 10-Mar 1838 Carns Michael MELVIN & Bridget BATTLE James MELVIN & Bridget GORDEN
MELVIN Sibby 14-Nov 1838 Moukrine Darby MELVIN & Dolly WALSH Thomas KENNEDY & Mary WALSH
MELVIN Nelly 31-Jan 1844 Moukran Darby MELVIN & Dolly WALSH Ned WALSH & Honor BOURKE
MELVIN Barbara 03-Mar 1846 Monkrine Darby MELVIN & Dolly WALSH John MELVIN & Anne GETTENS
MELVIN John 23-Mar 1839 Stockane Patt MELVIN & Margaret GAUGHAN John MELVIN & Mary FOODY
MELVIN Darby 30-Sep 1843 Muningar Patt MELVIN & Catherine DURKAN James & Mary MELVIN
MELVIN Mary 23-Dec 1845 Cor???? Thomas MELVIN & Mary O'HARA William RAFTER & Mary BOURK
MELVIN Darby 11-Aug 1846 Muningware Thomas MELVIN & Bridget O'HARA Michael MELVIN & Catherine DURKAN
MELVIN William 22-Apr 1869 Mingware Martin MELVIN & Sarah ROUSE Kory or Rory MELVIN & May MELVIN
MELVIN Michael 24-Nov 1870 Stokane Patrick MELVIN & Bridget CO(A)WLEY Michael CAWLEY & Mary CAWLEY
MORAN Michael 18-Sep 1845 Corbally Michael MORAN & Nancy DUFFY James DUFFY & Mary CAREY
MORRIS Biddy 02-Jul 1835 Patt MORRIS & Nelly GALLAGHER James JORDAN & Biddy CAWLEY
MOYLES Mary 05-Jul 1857 Emlimoran Edward MOYLES & Mary KEARNY Richard MOYLES & Catherine GALLAGHER
MULLANEY Michael 19-Oct 1845 Taw Owen MULLANEY & Mary CARTY Patt CARTY & Mary BATTLE
MULLANEY Mary (end) Mar 1846 ? Anthony MULLANEY & Bridget SHERIDAN ?????sheridan & Anne MULLANY
MULLARKY John 30-Jul 1838 Fareniman James MULLARKY & Bridget MULROONEY Mark McANDREW & Anne MULLARKY
MULLARKY Margaret 31-May 1860 Fidhnane Patrick MULLARKY & Sarah DURKAN James DURKAN & Catherine KENNEDY
MULROONEY Bryan 12-May 1835 ? Edmond MULROONEY & Catherine BATTLE Jnh GIBLIN & Nancy ROUSE
MULROONEY James 25-Jun 1836 Corbally Ned MULROONEY & Catherine BATTLE James MURPHY & Mary MURPHY
MULROONEY Catherine 05-Oct 1841 Corbally Ned MULROONEY & Catherine BATTLE Thomas McNAULTY & Bridget McDERMOTT
MULROONEY James poss 5 May 1838* Doohern Patt MULROONEY & Honor JOURDAN John McANDREW & Bridget HOWLEY
MULROONY Mary 30-Sep 1871 Carrane Patrick MULROONY & Bridget EGAN Michael EGAN & Mary EGAN
MULROONY Anne**addtl. Info b.24 c.28 Mar 1880 Rothranny Patrick MULROONY & Bridget EGAN James EGAN & Winifred EGAN
MUNELLY Michael (illegitimate) 16-Sep 1837 Knockbrandane Michael MUNELLY & Ellen TIMPLE Owen FENNER & Mary McCUE
MURPHY William 31-Oct 1836 (Tarrim) Patt MURPHY & Bridget FOODY James HENIGAN & Mary KEANE
MURPHY James 03-Aug 1841 B'har James MURPHY & Elizabeth NICHOLSON Pat WALSH & Bridget MULROONEY
MURPHY James 26-Feb 1843 Corbally William MURPHY & Mary CAVANAGH James HARRIFSON & Peggy JUDGE
MURPHY Anne 17-Jul 1856 Cloonkelane Patrick MURPHY & Ellen FOODY Owen KILCULLEN & Bridget ROBINSON
MURPHY William*(see Marriages) 27-Jul 1879 Corbally Patrick MURPHY & Mary KILCULLEN Thomas MURPHY & Mary O'HARA
MURPHY Patrick 04-Jan 1880 Cloon Kulma?? Denis MURPHY & Maria BARRINS Michael FOODY & Bridget DONEGAN
MURPHY Patrick 08-Feb 1880 Corbally Patrick MURPHY & Mary KAVANAGH Patrick KAVANAGH & Bridget KAVANAGH
NAUGHTON Michael 01-Aug 1839 ? Peter NAUGHTON & Bridget FLANINGTON-(unclear) John SCOTTS & Mary ROUGHNEAN
NAUGHTON Ellen 22-Sep 1880 Carns Edward NAUGHTON & Catherine McGOWAN James McGOWAN & Honor LOFTUS
NICHOLSON Catherine 03-Aug 1845 Leoaoramoody Patt NICHOLSON & Anne LYNET Thomas MALL & Judy HOWLEY
O'DONNELL Anne 18-Apr 1880 Bun????don Anthony O'DONNELL & Mary QUINN Michael ROGAN & Ellen JORDEN
O'MEALE Bridget 05-Sep 1843 poss. Emilimoran Patt O'MEALE & Mary McCAVISH Anthony MULARKY & Nancy JOURDAN
PHILBIN John 30-May 1839 Carrow? Frank PHILBIN & Mary MULROONEY John MULROONEY & Anne ROLSTON
PHILBIN Thomas 23-May 1841 Carrane Frank PHILBIN & Mary MULROONEY Thomas MULROONEY & Mary PHILBIN
PRICE Robert 27-Nov 1859 Ballymoneen Robert PRICE & Jane CARROLL John LOFTUS & Mary GOURAN
QUINN Michael (2) Oct 1835 ? John QUINN & Mary McANDREWS Owen McANDREWS & Peggy McANDREWS
QUINAN Mary 04-Mar 1864 Castleconnor John QUINAN & Mary GILLIGAN not known
RAFTERY Patt 20-Jan 1836 ? William RAFTERY & Mary BOURKE Patt CREAN & Bridget BOURKE
RAFTERY John 21-May 1838 Cagarie William RAFTERY & Mary BOURKE Patt GALLAGHER & Betty BOURKE
RAFTERY Edmond 13-Feb 1840 Carag?? William RAFTERY & Mary BOURKE Ned & Peggy BOURKE
RAFTER Thomas               20-Nov 1841 Carrogaree William RAFTER & Mary BOURKE Patrick O'HARA & Nancy RAFTER
RAFTERY Bridget 15-Nov 1837 Muckduff Martin RAFTERY & Mary JUDGE Thomas & Bridget RAFTERY
RAFTER Thomas 11-Jun 1841 Muckduff Martin RAFTER & Mary JUDGE Patt (looks like ARID & Bridget RAFTER
RAFTER Martin 05-Nov 1843 Muckduff Martin RAFTER & Mary JUDGE Anthony LEONARD & Rose JUDGE
RAFTER William 15-Nov 1841 Rogader Michael RAFTER & Mary COLEMAN John & Mary RAFTER
RAFTER Sally 07-Jul 1844 Rogader Michael RAFTER & Anne COLEMAN(as record) David COLEMAN & Mary COLEMAN(as record)
RAFTER Mary 29-Dec 1846 Knockgower Michael RAFTER & Mary COLEMAN Peter BRUIN & Anne JUDGE
RAFTER John 06-Feb 1864 Castleconnor Richard RAFTER & Bridget KILCAWLEY not known
RAFTER Ellen 05-Jan 1871 Stokane Patrick RAFTER & Ellen KEANE Thomas CUFF & Bridget CUFF
RAFTER Ellen 11-Apr 1880 Stokane Patt RAFTER & Ellen KEANE Anthony HALLINANE & Mary BRENNAN
RAFTER Thomas                 (8th) 11-Nov 1871 Muckduff Thomas RAFTER & Margaret LEONARD Patrick KILCULLEN & Belinda HOPKINS
RAFTER John  Owen (bap 27/9) born 24 Sep 1874 Carrigary Richard RAFTER & Anne FARRIS Patrick BOLAND & Mary FARRIS
RAFTER Anne 13-Jul 1876 Carrigary Richard RAFTER & Anne FARRIS Edward BARRINS & Bridget RAFTER
RAPE Nelly 27-Sep 1835 ? (not clear) Owen RAPE & Cathrine MURPHY Ned MURPHY & Mary WALSH
RAPE Martin 11-Oct 1835 ? John RAPE & Anne SHERIDAN William RAPE & Nan O'HARA
RAPE Patt 26-Jun 1836 Cinbons(not clear) Patt RAPE & Mary McCAVISH John RAPE & Mary ROUANE
REGAN Anne 27-Oct 1835 ? Anthony REGAN & Anastacia BATTLE William HOWLEY & Mary HOWLEY
REGAN Anthony 31-Jul 1842 Cerane Anthony REGAN & Anastacia BATTLE Hugh REGAN & Mary BATTLE
REGAN Patt 25-Jan 1842 Emlimorane Peter REGAN & Catherine JUDGE Patt ROUANE & Anne McDERMOTT
REGAN Martin 30-Jul 1845 Emlimoran Peter REGAN & Catherine JUDGE John McNEELY & Judith REGAN
REGAN Mary 14-Jan 1843 Phidine James REGAN & Catherine BERANE Michael CULKIN & Bridget DUNIGAN
RENALDS Patt 07-Jan 1840 Kibrinnane Martin RENALDS & Margaret FLANILY James RENALDS & Catherine WALSH
RHIAP Thomas 21-Jul 1844 Ballymoney John RHIAP & Betty DOOBER James MELVIN & Sally CARDEN
RHIAP Sibinon 24-Jul 1844 Combrinan John RHIAP & Anne SHERIDAN James McANDREWS & Sally HONIGAN
RHAY Peter 06-Jan 1844 Corbally Anthony RHAY & Peggy COGGANS Mathew FLANELLY & Bridget HOWLEY
RIGHT Patt (also see WRIGHT) 03-Sep 1843 Tourn ? John RIGHT & Mary MULLANEY Stephen & Honor MULLANEY
RIGHT (??????) (also see WRIGHT) 9 (Jan) 1855 ? John RIGHT & Mary MULLANEY no witnesses entered
ROCKFORD Honor 10-Sep 1837 Stockane Patt ROCKFORD & Mary FLYNN Anthony & Honor ROCKFORD
ROCKFORD William 19-Jun 1838 Tournaboy Owen ROCKFORD & Bridget GALLAGHER Patt GALLAGHER & Anne GALLAGHER
ROCKFORD Bridget 22-Oct 1839 Carns Owen ROCKFORD & Nan COLMAN Owen ROCKFORD & Bridget ROCKFORD
ROGAN James poss15 Oct 1845 Fidane James ROGAN & Kitty BARANE Mathew BARANE & Anne MORRISON
ROGAN Anne 15-May 1842 Barracktown Thomas ROGAN & Eliza CAWLY Michael DUNIGAN & Catherine CUNANE
ROGAN Thomas 02-Nov 1880 Corballa John ROGAN & Anne LARULE James MULDONY & Mrs. MULDONY
ROGAN Michael James 14-Nov 1880 Corballa Michael ROGAN & Ellen JORDAN Robert ROGAN & Anne JORDAN
RONANE Mary 22-Jul 1845 Corb??? Michael RONANE & Bridget TULLY John COGGANS & Catherine HI(E)GGENS
ROPE William 09-Mar 1836 ? Watt ROPE & Bridget BRENAN John WALSH & Peggy BRENAN
ROTCHFORD Mary 08-Aug 1880 ? John ROTCHFORD & Mary WARD Robert CONNOR & Sidney MOFFET
ROUANE Martin 25-Jun 1835 Martin ROUANE & Anne McDERMOTT Thomas DURKAN & Nancy ROUANE
ROUGHNEEN ? 29-Jun 1854 Enniscrone Patt ROUGHNEEN & Mary FLYNN James SWEENY & Anne FORD
ROURKE John 14-Dec 1843 Finka Michael ROURKE & Mary LANG John KENNEDY & Bridget HANLEY
ROUSE Patrick 10-Jul 1856 Carrane John ROUSE & Bridget MORRISON Michael ROUSE & Jude RICE
ROUSE Bridget 04-Sep 1869 Carns John ROUSE & Michelle CAWLY Agnes Mary HOWLY & Thomas HERBERT
ROUSE Thomas 06-Jun 1872 Tourmore Thomas ROUSE & Mary CAWLEY Patrick CAWLEY & Mary CAWLEY
ROUSE Thomas 18-Jul 1880 Tourmare/Carns Thomas ROUSE & Mary KILCAWLY Owen COGGINS & Bridget ROUSE
ROUSE Bridget Agnes 26-Sep 1880 Carrane John ROUSE & Celia HOWLY Richard CULKIN & Margaret HOWLY
SHERIDAN Mary 29-Jul 1837 Rathwanny Patt SHERIDAN & Mary DOOHER James MULLAWNEY & Mary SHERIDAN
SWEENEY Michael 28-Sep 1835 ? Terrance SWEENEY & Nancy RAFTERY Owen SWEENEY & Mary RAFTERY
SWEENEY Mary 13-Oct 1835 ? Patt SWEENEY & Cath DIMOND Patt WEIR & Mary DIMOND
SWIFT Thomas 01-Jun 1838 Doohingney William SWIFT & Honor MORRISS Thomas & Peggy MORRISS
THORNTON Mary Gaughan(bap 28/2) 25-Feb 1875 Stokane Michael THORNTON & Bridget BOLAND Michael GALLAGHER & Margaret GALLAGHER
TIMLON Bridget 31-Dec 1835 ? Michael TIMLON & Mary McNULTY Michael HANDLY & Bridget HANDLY
TIMLIN Patrick 15-Feb 1880 Knockbrach Brian TIMLIN & Mary BARRINS John BARRINS & Bridget BARRINS
TIMLIN Anne**addtl notes 15-Feb 1880 Knockbrach John TIMLIN & Bridget BARRINS** addtl. notes Martin TIMLIN & Judith TIMLIN
WALSH Catherine 12-Jun 1835 ? Thomas WALSH & Nancy RENALDS Thomas JOURDAN & Mary CARNEY
WALSH Martin 26-May 1844 William WALSH & Connor CARANE James WALSH & Anne HOWLEY
WALSH Bridget 21-Nov 1880 Mangware Michael WALSH & Bridget WALSH Ned WALSH & Ellen DURKAN
WRIGHT ? 03-Feb 1837 Ballymahany Thomas WRIGHT & Bridget CULKIN Patt MURPHY & Anne FEENAGHTY
WRIGHT Catherine 13-Jun 1839 Ballymohany Thomas WRIGHT & Bridget CULKIN Patt WRIGHT & Sally MULHIARAS
WRIGHT Patt (also see RIGHT) 03-Sep 1843 Tourn ? John RIGHT & Mary MULLANEY Stephen & Honor MULLANEY
WRIGHT (??????) (also see RIGHT) 9 (Jan) 1855 ? John RIGHT & Mary MULLANEY no witnesses entered
WRIGHT Mary 21-Oct 1843 Bally'h? Patt WRIGHT & Sally MULHADRAN Patt FOODY & Anne McANDREW
WRIGHT Thomas 26-Nov 1846 Bunarla Patt WRIGHT  & Eleanor KEANE William WRIGHT & Mary FOODY
WRIGHT John 06-May 1855 Corballa Patt WRIGHT & Honoria HANLY Thomas KENNEDY & Bridget KENNEDY
WRIGHT Thomas 20-May 1858 Corbally Patrick WRIGHT & Honoria HANLY Thomas KENEDY & Mary O'HARA
WRIGHT James 29-Jul 1860 Corballa Patrick WRIGHT & Honoria HANLY William WRIGHT & Margaret FLYNNE
WRIGHT Bridget 09-Apr 1874 Ballymahoney William WRIGHT & Margaret HANLY John BOLAND & Ellen HANLY
WRIGHT Honoria 19-Mar 1876 Ballymahoney William WRIGHT & Margaret HANLY Catherine HANLY
WRIGHT William b.5 c.8 Aug 1880 Ballymahany William WRIGHT & Margaret HANLY Bartly CONMY & Mary or Nancy ROUSE
WRIGHT Cathryn 20-Jun 1880 Ballynisnan Michael WRIGHT & Mary RUANE Thomas RUANE & Sarah FOODY

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