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To help you find your family - go to edit at the top of this browser & then go to "find" and enter the name you are seeking (remember there are different spellings to surnames).  The Alphabetical Kilglass Birth links are to the given family name only - using the browser you will find your surname wherever mentioned on the list.

Below is a list of Births of residents of  Patrini ferise & other townlands in the Skreen & Dromard Parish.   I have added more to this list and sometimes it was difficult to read the month & year.  Most of the records were in Latin and they were difficult to read.  

If there are any gaps, this is where it was too faded or difficult to read - if anyone can definitely fill in those gaps, I would appreciate you contacting me at my e-mail address below.

If anyone has any information that they would like me to add to this site to help others research their families, please feel free to forward it to me at my e-mail address  

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ARMSTRONG Anna 07-Aug 1823 Patrini faire James ARMSTRONG & Maria TYMPANY James ARMSTRONG & Maria ARMSTRONG
ARMSTRONG Catherine(bth 8 Jun) 31-Jul 1868 Doonanire Christopher ARMSTRONG & Maria KILAWEE John HOPKINS & Margaret ARMSTRONG
BATTLE Leucam 23-Sep 1823 Patrini faire John BATTLE & Catherine GURRY Michael McGLOTE & Maria GILMARTIN
BATTLE Mariam 06-Mar 1833 Patrini Patrick BATTLE & Cecilia MAY John BATTLE & Margarita McGLOCKLIN
BATTLE Brigidam 07-Aug 1833 Patrini Daniel BATTLE & brigida WATERS Laurence WATERS & Catherine DOHERTY
BATTLE Janam  (Jane) 01-Nov 1835 Patrini faire Joannis BATTLE & Brigida MAY Peter BATTLE & Brigitta McGLACHLIN
BEGLEY Eleanora 08-Jun 1829 ? John BEGLEY & Brigit EAGAN Henry (think PORTER & Eleanora EAGAN
BOLAND Michael 07-Sep 1823 Patrini faire Martin BOLAND & Anne SWEENEY Robert WILSON 7 Anna FOY
BOLAND Joannam 29-Nov 1833 Patrini Michael BOLAND & Maria McDERMOTT Daniel TOHARY & B. LEON???
BOLAND Mariam 20-Jun 1834 Patrini faire Peter BOLAND & Maria MALLACHLAN Andrew MALLACHLAN & Susanna MARLEY
BOLAND Patrick 04-Jul 1834 Patrini faire John BOLAND & Anna JAMES Patrick WHITE & Brigit JAMES
BOLAND Catherine 09-Jan 1832 Patrini Thomas BOLAND & Maria CUGLEY John McMURRY & Brigitte HANIGAN
BOLAND Mariam 25-Jul 1834 Patrini Thomas BOLAND & Maria CUGLEY Marius HAGERTY & Catherine CUGLEY
BOLAND Mariam 26-Aug 1834 Patrini faire John BOLAND & Maria DOWD Thomas BOLAND & Anna GREY
BOLAND Andrew Giblin 29 Feb    1841 Patrini faire Patrick BOLAND & Catherina DOWDICAM Hugo DOWDICAM & Marguerita GILGAN
BOYDE Anne 08-Jan 1839 Patrini faire Dominic BOYDE & Anna GEELAN John MARLEY & Dorothy KENEDY
BRADICAN Mariam 04-Jul 1834 Patrini James BRADICAN & Maria NEARY Mathew NEARY & Tabby NEARY
BRADICAN Catherine 29-Aug 1840 Patrini faire James BRADICAN & Maria NEARY James BRADICAN & Maria LYNET & Greta O'HARA
BRADICAN Patrick 14-Aug 1834 Patrini Dominic BRADICAN & Eliza DALTON John LOFTUS & Maria (MULLICAN)
BRADICAN Joannis 21-Aug 1834 Patrini Patrick BRADICAN & Maria WALSH Micahel BRADICAN & Catherine BOLAND
BRADLY Rogerinim 15-Oct 1833 Patrini Roberti BRADLY & Catherina DALE Domiscus BRADLY  (conditione)
BRADLEY Brigit 13-Nov 1831 Patrini James BRADLEY & Maria FOY Neil BRADLEY & Maria COHANY
BRADLEY Dyenicim 08-Mar 1834 Patrini James BRADLEY & Maria FOY Patrick KILCOLLEN & Brigit MORAN
BRADLEY Eleanora 06-Nov 1832 Patrini Thomas BRADLY & Margaretta FURY John KEAN & Maria JAMES
BRADLEY Catherine 15-Nov 1861 Mullarve Dionisium BRADLEY & Alicia GILGAN Patrick DOONEY & Marguerita BRADLEY
BRADLEY ????? 17-Feb 1866 Mullarve Dionious BRADLEY & Alicia GILGAN Patrick BRADLEY & Brigida GILGAN
BRADLEY William (bth 16th) 18-Jul 1867 Springarden/Dromard Robert BRADLEY & Honoria ROWLET Lucas ROWLET & Catherine DUFFY
BRENNAN Bridget 23-Apr 1824 Patrini Bernard BRENNAN & Nabby MAY Patrick BURNS & Margaret CULLENS
BRETT Mariam (illegitimate) 31-Mar 1835 ???? George BRETT & Anne FLANIGAN Catherine Maria FARRY
BROONIAN Onorium 11-Oct 1840 Patrini faire Neil BROONIAN & Catherine BOYE Patrick FLANELLY & Bridget KILGALLEN
BURNS Brigidam(illeg) 24-Nov 1833 Patrini Jacobi BURNS & Maria TIERNAN Onora McFADDEN
BURNS Anthony 23-Sep 1839 Patrini faire James BURNS & Margaret KELLY James BURNS & Mary READ???
BURNS Catharine 20-Feb 1841 Patrini faire James BURNS & Anna MOORE Patrick BURNS & Anna FINNACHTY
CARNEY Mariam 06-Oct 1834 Patrini Patrick CARNEY & Maria FARRY Michael NIELES & Maria SWEENY
CARROL Mariam 05-Dec 1823 Patrini faire Dominic CARROL & Anna (GRIHAM) Roger HARAN & Bridget NICHOLSON
CAROL Onoram 12-Jun 1833 Patrini Dominic CAROL & Anne GALLIN John MARLY & Dolly BRENAN
CARROLL Patrick 25-Nov 1858 Cloonagh Peter CARROLL & Brigit BRADLEY James BRADLEY & Hanna KIRRANE
CARROLL Dionicius 20-Feb 1860 Cloonagh Peter CARROLL & Brigit BRADLEY James COSTELLOE & Anna BRADLEY
CARROLL Brigida 11-Nov 1865 Cloonagh Petrus CARROLL & Brigida BRADLEY James COSTELLO & Anna GILGAN
CARROLL Anna (born 7 Nov) 15-Nov 1865(8) (Ardibione) Patrick CARROLL & Brigit BRADLEY Patrick BRADLY & Maria BRADLY
CARTY Joanan 15  ?      1841 Patrini faire Thomas CARTY & Anna BURKE James CARTY & Maria MAYGLOAN
CARWAY ????   (born 23 Jul) 24-Jul 1868 Derk CARWAY Bernard & Joanne EGAN John KELLY & Anne LACKEN
CAVANAGH Daniel 17-Nov 1823 Patrini faire Thadeus CAVANAGH & Maria HELLY John BOLAND & Maria LYNETT
CAVANGH Maria 24-Apr 1824 Patrini faire James CAVANAGH & Maria EAGAN Patrick EAGAN & Maria WATERS
CAVANAGH Thomas 27-Sep 1831 Patrini James CAVANAGH & Maria EAGAN Peter GUINELOR & Maria HELLY
CAVANAGH James 21-Apr 1836 Patrini faire Garret CAVANAGH & Eleanora HENNY or HENRY William COSTELLOE & Maria (KELLY)
CAWLAM Elizabeth 29-Jul 1840 Patrini faire James CAWLAM & Elizabeth MAY Patrick BRENNAN & Bridget DOWDICAN
CERANE Michael 21-Feb 1840 Patrini faire Thomas CERANE & ? Thomas CLARK & Anna BOYDE
CHALKE Thomas 03-Nov 1840 Patrini faire Michael CHALKE & Anna FLINNE John KELLY & Bridget McDONAUGH
CHAMBERS Joannum 21-Dec 1839 Patrini faire James CHAMBERS & Maria HORKAN? Frances MACHAN & Bridget HORKAN?
CLARKE Patrick 25-Apr 1836 Patrini faire Grigoni CLARKE & Maria MOFFET Michael COSTELLO & Margaretta CLARKE
CLARKE James 22-Nov 1840 Patrini faire Thomas CLARKE & Anna CUNLICK John CUNLICK & Margritta CLARKE
COGAN Thomam 20   ?      1841 Patrini faire Michaelis COGAN & Maria GILGAN James MAY & Onora GILGAN
CONLON Joannium (Joan) 09-Nov 1823 Patrini faire Jacobi CONLON & Elizabeth MAY Thomas KERRAN & Maria KULLEN & Eleanora BROWN
CONV(W)AY Mary 15-Aug 1840 Patrini faire John CONV(W)AY & Margaret MAY Hugo MAY & Anna BOTTLE
COOLICAN Thomas 06-Dec 1836 Patrini faire Thomas COOLICAN & Brigit CARROL Thomas CARROL & Brigit CONROY
COSTELLOE Annam 20 (Mar) 1841 Patrini faire Patrick COSTELLOE & Maria FINACHTY James COSTELLOE & Bridget CARROL
COSTELLOE Patritium 20-Dec 1839 Patrini faire Joannas COSTELLOE & Cecilia McDONAUGH Patritius COSTELLOE & Maria COSTELLOE
CULKIN William 24   ?      1841 Patrini faire Farimicia CULKIN & Catherina VALES Jacobus VALES & Bridgetta GILGAN
CUSACK Margaret 30-Sep 1823 Patrini faire John CUSACK & Grace McGOWN James McGOWN & Maria MAY
DIMOND James 13-Jun 1862 Toberaninoone Dominicus DIMOND & Anna KILHOOL Thomas FUREY & Maria FUREY
DOONEY Anne 19-Mar 1824 ? Patrick DOONEY & Bridget GALLAHER James CAWLEY & Judith McNOLLY
DOONEY Brigit 30-Apr 1834 Patrini Patrick DOONEY & Brigit GALLACHER John DOONEY & Cahany ??????
DOYLE Thomas 3 1841 Patrini faire John DOYLE & Margaret BOONAN Calvardus McCARRIAET & Lana DYRE
DYRE Hugonum 02-Mar 1839 Patrini faire James DYRE & Maria O' CONNOR Hugh MAY & Juna LARIGAN?
EAGAN Patrick 18-Mar 1824 Patrini faire Patrick John EAGAN & Brigit MURPHY No sponsors named
EAGEN John 18-Jan 1829 Patrini faire John EAGEN & Catherine DALTON William EAGEN & Dyoniscus BRADICAN
EAGAN Patrick 02-Aug 1831 Patrini faire Patrick EAGAN & Brigita KILGALLON John KILGALLON & Catherine KILGALLON
EAGAN Anne 15-Dec 1836 Patrini faire Patrick EAGAN & Brigita KILGALLEN John KILGALLEN & Catherine KILGALLEN
EAGAN Onoram 25-Dec 1837 Patrini faire Patrick EAGAN & Brigit KILGALLEN Joannis KILGALLEN & Catherine KILGALLEN
EGAN Catherine 23-Jan 1833 Patrini Daniel EGAN & Maria KILGALLAN Thomas KILGALLAN & Catherine KILGALLAN
EAGAN Patrick 19-Mar 1835 Patrini faire Daniel EAGAN & Maria KILGALLAN John KILGALLAN & Brigit FENACHTY
FARIS Mary 18-Jan 1835 Dromore Parish John FARIS & Mary McEVVY not known
FARRY Michael 21-Mar 1831 Patrini Joannis FARRY & Brigida CONRY Edy FARRY & Brigit MOLLACHTEN
FARRY Michael 23-Sep 1832 Patrini Joannis FARRY & Brigit MOLLACHTAN Darby MALLACHTAN & Brigida MALLACHTAN
FARRY Patrick 17-Mar 1835 patrini John FARRY & Brigitta MALLACHLAN John FARRY & Catherine FLANELLY
FARRY Joannum 07-Apr 1833 Patrini Joannis FARRY & Maria CONRY Patrick CONRY & Brigida GIBLIN
FARRY Thomas 25-Oct 1836 patrini faire Joannis FARRY & Maria CONROY Patritius FARRY & Onora FARRY
FARRY Patrick 24-Dec 1833 Patrini Patrick FARRY & Sibby EAGAN Nealis McHUGH & Brigida McHUGH
FARRY Catherine 19-Apr 1837 Patrini faire Patrick FARRY & Cecilia EAGAN Patrick DUGGAN & Eleanora HEALY
FARRY Daniel 21-Feb 1831 Patrini faire Bartholomew FARRY & Sabina EAGAN Bartholomew FARRY & Eleanora McGOWAN
FARRY Michael 07-Jan 1834 Patrini Bartholomew FARRY & Brigida CLARKE Roger CLARKE & Maria MURRIN
FARRY Patrick 31-May 1838 Patrini faire Bartholomew FARRY & Brigit GALLAGHER Patrick FARRY & Maria FARRY
FARRY Catherine 04-Sep 1875 Cloonragh Michael FARRY & Bridget McDONAGH Bernard KELLY & Alice KELLY
FARRY Honor 01-Jan 1891 ??? Michael FARRY & Bridget McDONAGH John McDONAGH & Maria FARRY
FAYE Janam 23-Feb 1840 Patrini faire John FAYE & Jennifer HIVLOREAN Thomas HIVLOREAN & Anne GIBLIN
FEENY Michael 28-Sep 1840 Patrini faire Patrick FEENY & Anna EAGIN John McHUGH & Maria KELLY
FEENEY Michael (bth 25th) 27-Apr 1867 Leragh/Skreen Daniel FEENEY & Brigida KENNEDY Patrick KENNEDY & Honoria KENNEDY
FERROS Ceciliani 21(Mar?) 1841 Patrini faire John FERROS & Maria MURPHY Catherine MAY
FINAGHTY Bridget 14-Mar 1824 ? Patrick FINAGHTY & Catherine BRADY James FOY & Eleanor FINAGHTY
FINACHTY Mary 25-Jul 1840 Patrini faire John FINACHTY & Eudo DUGGAN Thomas GULAN & Anna DUGGAN
FINACHTY Brigit 29-Jun 1845 Patrini faire John FINACHTY & Rose EAGAN James CAVANAGH & Brigit DUGGAN
FINACHTY Joanian 4  think 1839 Patrini faire Laurence FINACHTY & Lana KILCULLEN Lana KILGALLAN & Daniel KILCULLEN
FINACHTY ? 18-Feb 1839 Patrini faire John FINACHTY & Bridget WALSH Thomas JUDGE & Eliza JUDGE
FINAN Patrick 18-Jan 1839 Patrini faire Bernard FINAN & Catherine WHITE Dominic O'CONNOR & ??bina COGAN
FINEGAN John 29-Apr 1858 Doonflynn Andrew FINEGAN & Judith KENNY Eugene FOX & Brigit FOX
FLANAGAN Patricium 15-Nov 1833 Patrini Thady FLANAGAN & Maria FOY Bartholomew FARRY & Margueretta BEALLY
FLANAGAN Thomam 01-Aug 1840 Patrini faire James FLANIGAN & Dorothy MAY Murren & Eleanora SWEENY
FLANAGAN Maria 20-Jun 1860 Ardnaglass John FLANAGAN & Brigida FLYNN Andrew FLYNN & Maria FLANAGAN
FLANAGAN Anna (born 25 Aug) 26-Aug 1868 (Soodry) John FLANAGAN & Brigit FLYNN Martin FLANAGAN & Maria FLANAGAN
FLANELLY Joanam 20 1841 Patrini faire Patrick FLANELLY & Catharina HASTI Hugo MAY & Margretta MAY
FLANELLY Mary 30-Sep 1840 Patrini faire Bernard FLANELLY & Bridget KILGALLEN Patrick KILGALLEN & Catherine BURNE
FLANELLY Jacobum 20-May 1833 Patrini Thady FLANELLY & Maria FEENY James DENEDY & Dominic BROWN
FLANILLY James 05-Jan 1839 Patrini faire Thador FLANILLY & Maria FEENY James DENEDY & Maria BRACON
FLANNERY Thomas 17-Feb 1833 Patrini Thomas FLANNERY & Maria MURRIN Thomas MURRIN & Anna FLANNERY
FOLAM Eleanora 28-Sep 1823 Patrini faire John FOLAM & Anne RUSH Patrick WHITE & Brigit FINAN
FOLEY Patrick 18-Apr 1824 Patrini faire Charles FOLEY & Anne FLYN John FOGARTY & Judith KERIGAN
FORE Onoram 25-Aug 1833 Patrini Peter FORE & Maria McGLOCKLIN William WALSH & Anne BARRET
GALLAHER Joannam 21-Apr 1833 Patrini John GALLAHER & Jane WILSON Bernard MURREN & Eleanora GALLAHER
GALAHAR Filin 13  ?    1839 Patrini faire Felicis GALAHAR & Lana McNama Franciscus MAY & Lana Julia LYNEDEM
GENNINS Michael 24-Sep 1823 Patrini faire Thomas GENNINS & Rose McGOWN Patrick HARAN & Sarah BEGLANE
GIBLIN Thomas 21-Dec 1832 Patrini Michael GIBLIN & Catherine GUILE James GUILE & Margaret COYNE
GILDEA Catherine 10-May 1833 Patrini John GILDEA & Catherine GILGAN Michael MEEHAN & Brigit LEONARD
GILGAN Winifred 01-Mar 1824 ? Lawrence GILGAN & Catherine CARROL Luke (KERNIAN) & Maria GILGAN & Winifred GILGAN
GILGAN Brigit 27-Feb 1834 Patrini Lawrence GILGAN & Catherine CARROL James IRVINE & Maria WHITE
GILGAN Catherine 27-Dec 1832 Patrini Ambrose GILGAN & Catherine SEXTON Peter GILGAN & Catherine BRENNAN
  11 1841 Patrini faire Bernard GILGAN & Catherina CARROL Thomas GILGAN & Maria CARROL & Margretta BREDICAN
GILGAN Joannim (Joan) 11-Sep 1823 Patrini faire John GILGAN & ???? HART John HART & Eleanora GILGAN
GILGAN Luccam 25-Feb 1839 Patrini faire Ambrosie GILGAN & Catharinas ????? John LEONA & Eliza DALTON & Maria COGAN
GILGAN James (bth 13th) 16-Mar 1867 Finuragh/C'kilcooley James GILGAN & Bridget CAHANY Michael KENNEDY & Anne FOX
GLANCY Thomas 14-Dec 1832 Patrini Martin GLANCY & Margaret HANAPLEY William JAICE & Brigit KILGALLEN
  11-Jun 1833 Patrini Joannis GORDAN & Eleanora MULLEN Brigida BRADLY
HAGARTY Jacobus 06-Jul 1833 Patrini (Manus) HAGARTY & Maria BOLAND Joannis GILDEN & Catherine HARAN
HANLEY Mary 23-Oct 1823 Patrini faire Edward HANLEY & Margaret SWEENEY Thadeus McDONOUGH & Maria McDONOUGH
HANLY Patrick 18-Feb 1824 Patrini Darby HANLY &  ? John McCARRICK & Maria HANLY
HANLY Patrick abt 14 Jul 1833 Patrini Patrick HANLY & Maria EGAN Brigida BRADLY
HANLEY Maria 04-Jul 1860 Tawnagh Thomas HANLEY & Alicia WALSH John KILCULLEN & Maria KILCULLEN
HANLEY Nancy 25-May 1865 Skreen Thomas HANLEY & Elsie WALSH not known
HANLEY Patrick (birth 6th) 09-Oct 1867 Tawnagh/Skreen Thomas HANLEY & Elisha WALSH Patrick KERRANE & Margaret KERRANE
HANLEY Belinda 06-Jun 1868 Skreen Patrick HANLEY & Bridget FERGUSON Brother - William born in Easky 24 Nov 1870
HANLEY Catherine 28-Aug 1865 Skreen Thomas HANLEY & Anne CAVANAGH not known
HANLEY Winney 16-Dec 1867 Skreen Martin HANLEY & Mary FLANNERY not known
HANNAN Joannam 13-Sep 1832 Patrini Thomas HANNAN & Brigit LYNET Joannes GILGAN & Maria GILGAN
HARTE Patrick 29-Oct 1840 Patrini faire Bernard HARTE & Maria NEARY Patrick NEARY & Catharina LYNET
JAURDAN ?olsitum 14-Nov 1840 Patrini faire Roberte JURDAN & Catharina BOTTLE Michael JAURDAN & Cecilia BOONSAN
JUDGE Hugh 26-Oct 1823 Patrini faire Hugh JUDGE & Catharine LAUGHLIN Patrick & Brigit JUDGE
JUDGE Mariam 20-Oct 1832 Patrini James JUDGE 7 Nridget GIBLIN Edward KENEDY & Anna JUDGE
JUDGE Thomas 03-Jan 1839 Patrini faire Thomas JUDGE & Margaretta GIBLIN James JUDGE & Bridget GIBLIN

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